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Even after 17 years, the 2005 survival horror third-person shooter Resident Evil 4 it is still considered one of the most influential games ever made, which is one of the many reasons fans are excited about the upcoming 2023 remake. Despite having a tumultuous development history, the game popularized the view in third person over the shoulder and changed the survival horror genre forever.

Since this title plays such an important role in gaming history, it’s no surprise that many games have followed in its footsteps. Some of these games, like Dead space, were directly or indirectly inspired by Resident Evil 4.


10 Save Room – Organization Puzzle (2022)

Inspired by the inventory system in Residentevil 4, Save Room – Organization Puzzle is a relaxing puzzle game that was released earlier this year. During each level, the player must place all available items in the limited inventory space, either by moving or using them.

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Certain levels will require the player to complete tasks such as combining gunpowder to make ammo, reloading weapons, combining herbs to make healing items, and healing the game character. Players can also browse inventory items to see all of their unique descriptions, adding a bit more depth to the experience.

9 Haunted Ground (2005)

During Resident Evil 4During the development of, at least four different versions of the game were created and later discarded. Of these early builds, two of them were redesigned for entirely new games. In the version of “Hallucination”, which was co-written by clock tower 3the writer Noboru Sugimura and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis‘s writer Yasuhisa Kawamura, the game had a stronger horror focus and featured a subplot about a girl and a Bio Organic Weapon (BOW) dog.

Weather Resident Evil 4 kept a short scene with the dog, the rejected premise was also used as the basis for the 2005 survival horror game haunted Land, which is considered a spiritual successor of the clock tower franchise. The game follows an 18-year-old woman named Fiona Belli as she explores a dangerous castle, avoids enemies, and solves puzzles with her animal companion Hewie.

8 Hand of God (2006)

Created by part of the team that worked on Residentevil 4, God’s hand is a 2006 comic action beat ’em up released by Clover Studio, which was a short-lived studio within Capcom that also produced the vertiful joe series and Okay. This cult classic follows a 23-year-old martial artist named Gene whose right arm is severed while trying to protect a young woman named Olivia from bandits trying to steal the titular Hand of God.

After Olivia places the Hand of God on his severed arm, Gene is sent on a mission to stop various demons from attempting to resurrect Demon King Angra. With a lot of humor and a challenging game, God’s hand It is a unique and unforgettable experience.

7 Uncharted series (2007–present)

Created by famous game director Amy Hennig, Unexplored it’s a course Indiana Jones-Action-adventure inspired franchise that follows treasure hunters as they uncover various historical mysteries around the world. Although almost all of the entries have primarily followed Nathan Drake and his companions, the latest installment, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, instead, it focuses on Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.

In addition to the obvious cinematic influences, the development team was also inspired by the atmospheric storytelling of Resident Evil 4. Naughty Dog wanted to use triggered events and other ways to integrate the story into the game so that players could directly participate in the storyline without interrupting gameplay.

6 Dead Space series (2008–present)

While there are many horror games that take place in space, one of the most influential is the Dead space franchise, which is currently a trilogy of third-person over-the-shoulder shooters. After losing contact with his girlfriend Nicole Brennan, who is USG by ishimura Chief medical officer, protagonist Isaac Clarke, travels to the spaceship to find out what happened to him, battle strange creatures known as “Necromorphs,” and uncover the truths behind mysterious artifacts called “Red Markers.”

Without Residentevil 4, however, this multimedia franchise would not exist. Although the first game was originally supposed to be system Clash 3, the developers decided to create their own original series after playing RE4. This first installment is receiving a new version that is scheduled to be released in 2023.

5 Modern Resident Evil entries (2007–present)

In addition to impacting other games and franchises, Resident Evil 4 also influenced the demonic resident franchise itself. Popularized by the 1996 original demon resident, the survival horror genre was primarily characterized by tense element management mechanics, emphasized horror elements, puzzle-focused gameplay, pre-rendered backgrounds, and fixed camera angles. All this changed with the release of RE4, that ushered the genre into a new, action-focused era.

resident bad 5, resident Evil 6and many other titles followed in RE4 steps, which was divisive for fans as some preferred horror and traditional puzzles. Despite Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village, and the resident Evil 1, 2, Y 3 All remakes bring back some original survival horror concepts, the intense action gameplay, full 3D environments, and atmospheric storytelling still remain.

4 Gears of War/Gears series (2006–present)

Another beloved franchise that was created because of Resident Evil 4 is he Gears of war, also know as gears, Serie. Taking place in the world of Sera, this franchise follows squads of soldiers known as “Gears” as they battle subterranean creatures called the Locust Horde, their mutated counterparts called the Lambent, and finally their newest iteration called the Swarm to save humanity. . .

Originally the first Gears of war it was supposed to be a multiplayer arena game within the Unreal titled franchise Unreal war. After seeing Residentevil 4, however, the game’s lead director, Cliff Bleszinski, wanted to create a similar horror-based shooter that used the same over-the-shoulder perspective and pacing.

3 Devil May Cry series (2001–present)

With haunted Land, another game that was created from an early version of Resident Evil 4 was the original action-adventure game from 2001 Devil can cry. For the first version of RE4, director Hideki Kamiya and writer Noboru Sugimura, who previously helped create resident Evil 2, tried to make a “stylish” action game that would fit within the demonic resident universe.

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This game would have centered on a protagonist named Tony, who would slowly discover that his body’s mysterious superhuman abilities were caused by biotechnology. Since the producer, Shinji Mikami, thought this version strayed too far from Resident Evil roots, this build was reimagined into a new franchise about a cocky half-demon named Dante who protects mankind from demon armies.

two God of War (2018)

Released in 2018, God of War is an action-adventure game and a soft reboot of the God of War franchise. Focusing on Norse mythology rather than Greek mythology, the game follows protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus as they return on a journey to spread the cremated ashes of Faye, Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’s mother, on the highest peak. high of the Nine Kingdoms.

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Weather God of War was influenced by several great games like Dark souls Y bloodborne, one of the biggest inspirations was Resident Evil 4. Unlike previous installments that had a fixed cinematic camera, this game uses an over-the-shoulder free camera, which is even presented as a continuous shot. Both this camera perspective and the game’s increased focus on exploration were influenced by RE4.

1 Bioshock (2007)

Considered a spiritual successor of the system crash Serie, bioshock is a 2007 horror FPS that follows a young man named Jack who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. While leaving the wreckage behind in the Atlantic Ocean, he finds an underwater city known as Rapture that rapidly declined after the discovery of a gene-altering substance called ADAM. As he explores the ruined city and fights enemies, he slowly discovers the truths behind what happened and his own past.

According to bioshock’Lead level designer Bill Gardner during an interview with Geek’s Lair, Resident Evil 4 affected almost all levels of bioshock gameplay, which included the environments, items, and combat elements. For Gardner and other developers, RE4 it showed that players wanted more complex game mechanics that recognized their intellect and capabilities.

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