10 Graphic Novels That Would Make Great Video Games

It’s common for video games to adapt other forms of entertainment to their medium, such as book series, movies, and more. With that concept in mind, some stand out as having immense potential to become video games. Sometimes this is because their stories are perfect for players to make their way through, while others feature compelling worlds that fans want to experience firsthand.

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Graphic novels, whether published individually or as previously separate comic book collections, aren’t far behind video games in terms of format. They already integrate textual and visual storytelling the way video games do, missing only the element of player input.

10 Saga is a beautiful combination of science fiction and fantasy

the ongoing series Saga is an expert blend of the space opera and fantasy genres. This award-winning series has been praised for its inclusion and careful handling of difficult stories, which would be of great value in the world of video games.

If a game would follow the story of saga Existing characters or not, an expansive open-world title would benefit from the series’ expert world-building and vibrant aesthetic. saga the intricate lore and deep themes are perfect for the realms of storytelling that mainstream video games are just beginning to explore.

9 Watchmen is a lauded graphic novel with a world of stories to tell

vigilantes is iconic among the world of graphic novels and well known among fans and casual observers alike. While the story told in its pages has already been adapted several times, the world it presents to its readers contains plenty of untapped potential.

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A video game adaptation could allow fans to explore the lives and experiences of other people living in vigilantes society and the unique struggles they face. Through an open world game with characters with more common backgrounds, fans could witness the ripples that vigilantes Alternative version of history has left other parts of society than those that appear in the novel and its adaptations.

8 Paper Girls is receiving acclaim and attention

With the recent premiere of its television adaptation, paper girls is beginning to attract the attention of more casual and mainstream audiences. As the story begins to garner more praise beyond its first award-winning publication, the opportunities for its material continue to grow.

The constant presence of time displacement and movement between different time periods would be excellently suited to a video game, as each era requires the player to use different skills and strategies to be successful. Players can also play as multiple of the girls of the same name, switching between characters to mark the passage of different chapters in the game.

7 Usagi Yojimbo is historical with a twist

Usagi Yojimbo is a story set in early Edo period Japan that stars a rabbit. Although all the characters in the world of Usagi Yojimbo they are anthropomorphized animals, the tone remains surprisingly serious.

Many of the protagonist’s adventures are based on the stories of a real-life swordsman of the time. In a video game adaptation, players could take on the role of the titular character, starting from his training, and continuing his journey through the events of Grass Cutter’s iconic and powerful story.

6 Kingdom Come has a lot of potential

kingdom come is an excellent title in the DC Comics universe. It showcases converging yet distinct stories of old guard heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, along with a new generation of heroes. A video game adaptation could use voice acting to capitalize on the iconic retelling of Reverend Norman McCay’s story.

The player could take on the role of Superman, summoned from retirement to bring the heroes together once again. Or, as another option for the game, they could fight against what could be considered a hostile and quasi-fascist regime in the rebellion against the now aging Justice League.

5 Sandman’s Current Hype Might Become More

The Netflix show that adapts the famous Neil Gaiman series The Sandman it has been well received by both fans of the original text and new viewers. A video game based on its content could allow players to step into its huge, fantastical world and play in its proverbial sandbox.

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Through his game, fans can experience magic as they travel through the Waking World. Players would pass through the hateful flames of Hell itself and encounter each of the Endless in turn as they seek to accomplish their character’s goals.

4 Lumberjanes takes a familiar setting and turns it on its head

Summer camp stories are a common trope in almost any form of media due to their innately relatable nature. lumberjacks exemplifies this in the way it takes this familiar concept and uses it to amplify the intensity of its fantastical and sometimes terrifying plotlines.

A video game adaptation could allow players to follow the story of each camper in turn, unraveling smaller pieces of a larger mystery along the way. The endearing and beloved characters of the series would give players the perfect insight into their strange world.

3 Players may ask what happened to the caped crusader?

2009 What happened to the caped crusader? is a loving exploration of Batman’s history, his legacy, and the characters around him that have endured for decades. This somber story follows Batman as he watches his own funeral from the position of narrator.

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However, during the service, he notices inconsistencies in all the stories that his friends and compatriots tell about him. This particular set of stories would make for a nice narrative game where each eulogy is a different level, stylized to match the individual whose version of events it is.

two 52 is a time-traveling adventure through some of DC’s greatest hits

In a DC Comic’s video game adaptation 52, players could take on the role of Booster Gold as he travels through time under the guidance of the greatest protector of time, Rip Hunter. Just as he does in the series, Gold would go on a sequence of quests to investigate contradictions in the passage of time.

Players would lead the way as they rescue Pa Kent’s great-grandfather in the Wild West or trade insults with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Like the comic, the game would confront players with what it means to be a hero that no one will ever really know.

1 All-Star Superman is a story of hope and acceptance

As video games begin to tell more complex stories with more nuanced themes, the material they draw from for other media adaptations could have the same qualities. A limited series with a challenging narrative, like superman all starIt has the right elements to cover this need.

This particular Man of Steel story follows Superman as he faces impending doom and the feats of heroism he chooses to complete in the limited time he has left. Players would take on the role of Superman as he engages in these tasks, and would have to accept the inevitable end alongside him.

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