7 Gaming Events You Can Attend Instead of E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) has fallen to the sword again in 2023, but you don’t need to be left with a void you want to fill. There are a few other video game conferences and expos you can attend or follow online to get your annual dose of video game news and excitement.

Take a look at these E3 alternatives to keep up with the latest in the world of gaming. Some of these events are sure to drop interesting announcements and gameplay footage you’ve been waiting for.

1. Geoff Keighley Summer Games Festival

When: 8 of June

Where: Los Angeles United States

mortal kombat 1
Image Credit: Geoff Keighley/Twitter

Launched in 2020, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest is a relatively new gaming event that gives gamers a glimpse of what’s to come in the industry. With E3 now canceled as many times as it has been, some are asking if it’s time for E3 to be canceled for good even though we’ve had some iconic E3 moments, this event has been gaining steam.

In recent years, the event has seen some major reveals, such as a gameplay trailer for Elden Ring. This year’s Summer Game Fest will take place at the YouTube Theater in California and will feature big names in the industry.

You can watch the event live on YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and various other platforms. There’s not much to look forward to, but there have been a few hints leaking from the event. official Twitter pageas the premiere gameplay of Mortal Kombat 1.

2. Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase

When: June 11

Where: Los Angeles United States

Xbox Games Showcase Event
Image Credit: Xbox Wire

Another event that is streaming live, the Xbox Games Showcase is sure to cover a variety of interesting things for gaming-focused fans. Last year’s showcase event brought with it the Starfield game as well as a ton of game-related news.

While not much has been revealed about what to expect from this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft has said that fans can expect some “first glimpses” from the company’s internal studios.

And, if you’re excited about Starfield, much more about the game will be revealed, with Microsoft confirming that Starfield Direct, a post-Xbox Games Showcase event, will have new gameplay as well as “behind the scenes.” privileged information”.

You can watch it live on various platforms, including Xbox’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

3. Ubisoft forward live

When: June 12

Where: Los Angeles United States

Ubisoft pulled out of E3 shortly before the June video game event was cancelled, but even on its own, the gaming giant should have enough to whet gamers’ appetites.

At the 2022 Ubisoft Forward event, which took place in September, the company showed off some Skull and Bones games, unveiled Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and revealed a new season of The Division 2, among a host of other announcements.

So this year’s Ubisoft Forward is sure to be interesting. Maybe we’ll find out more about the Assassin’s Creed title that takes players to feudal Japan.

4. GDC exhibit

When: June 27 to 29

Where: San Francisco, United States

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) takes place in March each year, but the GDC Showcase is a digital-only event that takes place in June to allow game developers to connect and share ideas.

We may not see too many reveals and announcements at this event as it is primarily aimed at developers, but the gaming public may get something out of it.

This year’s event will feature talks, Q&A sessions, and developers breaking down their games, discussing the style, art, music, and much more it takes to create successful video games.

5. Best International Games Festival in Brazil

When: June 28 to July 2

Where: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Best International Games Festival of Brazil
Image credit: GREAT Festival of Brazil

The Best International Games Festival (BIG Festival) has been running since 2012. This year there will be hands-on events where attendees can play games from renowned publishers from around the world.

Game developers will interact with the audience, so something interesting will surely come out. This year, expect workshops, keynotes and more from the festival.

6. Let’s go BitSummit!

When: from July 14 to 16

Where: Kyoto, Japan

BitSummit Festival 2023 in Kyoto, Japan
Image Credit: BitSummit

The 2023 edition of BitSummit is titled BitSummit Let’s Go!! and is open to the public. The show, which will take place over three days in Kyoto, Japan, will feature editors from outside the country thanks to relaxed travel restrictions.

Video game fans will also be able to participate online via the BitSummit Discord channel. And the event will be available to view online via BitSummit’s YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok channels. Expect some gameplay reveals, though there’s nothing definitive about what we might see at the event.

7. Games for Change Festival

When: from July 18 to 20

Where: New York City, USA

What to expect at the Games for Change festival
Image Credit: Games for Change

While Games for Change may not rank high on the typical gamer list, focusing more on how games and related technology can affect social change rather than giving gamers glimpses of AAA titles, this year’s event promises to be interesting. It will explore the potential of extended reality (or XR) in gaming, an umbrella term that includes augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.

It will also highlight the future of this sphere and how the industry can benefit from the use of generative AI in games, as well as the use of games as a form of therapy. There may not be any announcements, but there are sure to be some reveals.

Where to go besides E3?

E3 isn’t your only destination for big industry news, announcements, and gaming innovations. There are several other video game events that are dominating among gamers looking for game reveals, gameplay footage, and more.