Age Of Mythology: How To Heal Units

age of mythology is a spin-off of the age of empires franchise that focuses on mythological stories starring great heroes of the Greek, Egyptian and Nordic tradition. While healing is generally considered a less important aspect of this game than others in the franchise, it can still be a useful way to save on the resources needed to train new units and recover a damaged army in the form of a fight.

The best ways to heal units vary across different civilizations. The different methods have varying degrees of success depending on how the player uses them, but all are viable options for bringing units back from the brink of death to full capacity again.




Valkyrie is one of the most popular ways to heal in the game. They are mythical units unlocked in the Norse civilization by following Freyja in the Classic Age. A Valkyrie can heal other units at a rate of 7.5HP per second if the unit is idle.

Having multiple Valkyrie units around can be a huge boon. Not only are they far more capable in fighting than most healer units, but they are also quick and agile in combat. There is also a research available called “Aurora Borealis”, which gives the Valkyrie unit +50% attack and +33% healing rate.

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healing spring

The Healing Spring is a Divine Power achieved by following Forseti through the Classical Age. The Healing Spring can be placed, but once placed, players must maintain “control” of the spring to use it. If an opponent gains control of the surrounding area, they will control the spring and can use it to heal their units.

The spring heals at a rate of 4 HP per second. Unlike other healing methods, it will work on any idle unit in the immediate vicinity at the same time, instead of working on a single unit at a time.


Pharaohs and Priests

Egyptian players will typically use Priest and Pharaoh units for their healing needs. While the priests and pharaohs are always available, they are not as strong as the valkyrie. Both are considered heroes, which gives them a chance to collect relics and gives them a huge boost when fighting mythical units. They are both ranged units.

However, in any form of combat other than against Mythic units, Pharaohs and Priests are weak and will be taken out quickly. Players can find various upgrades for both units. “New Kingdom” allows two Pharaoh units to be on the field at once and “Spirit Of Ma’At” allows Pharaohs to heal twice as fast. Priests heal units at the same rate as the Valkyrie of 7.5 HP per secondwhile the Pharaoh heals at 10 HP per second.

the son of osiris

the son of osiris it is a divine power that the Egyptians can use if they follow Osiris in the Mythic Age. The power is applied to a pharaoh, making him a great warrior of incredible strength. The Son of Osiris also retains the pharaoh’s ability to heal.


healing temple

Greek players often have a hard time healing a lot. There is no specific unit that heals from this race, but there are ways to heal units anyway with certain technologies. The best of these is Benefit of the Temple of Healing.

While not the ideal way to restore health, the Temple of Healing can heal one unit at a time standing nearby after the technology has been installed. The buff can be achieved by following Apollo in the Heroic Age, and will heal a nearby idle unit for 20HP per second.

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The other method of healing Greek units is to gain the the power of god Restoration. Earned by following Athena in the Classical Age, this power is incredibly useful and will instantly heal multiple allied units. It is one-use only.

If a large army is in trouble, Restoration can be used and will last eight seconds. continuously healing a large group of units at a rate of 30 HP per second if units are attacking, and 300 HP per second if they are idle.



For the Atlantean race, again there are not many healing units, but the Server is a mythical water-based unit that can be obtained by following Oceanus in the Classic Age and can heal other units at a rate of 7.5HP per second. It can heal land units or other naval units, although it is faster for naval units.

The Servant is not a strong striking force of a unit, but it does have good armor and can slip in and out of areas undetected, due to being a water-based unit. This makes it useful in situations where armies are fighting near water.


The Caladria unit is another unit from Atlantean myth available to those who follow Ocean in the Classic Age. While Servant units are confined to water, Caladria are flying units, meaning they can travel on land or water and can only be attacked by ranged units.

Caladria have no attack ability, but are hard to take down and have a high healing rate of 15 HP per second for any idle unit, and can heal in a range of 20M. These are double the stats of most other healing units, such as Valkyrie, making Caladria incredibly useful to keep despite her lack of attacking ability.



As for the Chinese units, there is one main way to heal them, and that is by using the Monk unit. This is a pretty standard unit, with more attack power than an Egyptian priest and a similar level of healing at a rate of 7.5HP per second for any idle unit within range.

However, the Monk’s advantage is not just the ability to heal, but the ability to convert enemy units to the player’s side. This is a difficult ability as it’s not guaranteed to work every time, but it can be very frustrating for enemy players trying to wield it. Keeping monks in any Chinese force is an important step towards victory.

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