An expert’s guide to using JaxCore on Windows

Microsoft includes additional customization options in each version of Windows. But that is not enough for you if you are a customization enthusiast. Don’t you get tired of looking at the same boring look of Windows? Changing the default Windows theme can make things more interesting, but only for a short time.

Where Windows becomes limited in terms of customization, third-party apps like JaxCore help you redesign the look and feel of Windows. Here, we have discussed how to customize your desktop with JaxCore like a pro.

How to download and install JaxCore on Windows

JaxCore is a unique Rainmeter skin to change the appearance of Windows. With JaxCore, there’s nothing you can’t customize and make your desktop something you’ll be proud to show off.

Here’s how to download and install JaxCore on Windows 10 and 11:

  1. Visit the JaxCore website and download the batch script file. If your antivirus software is blocking the installation, copy and paste the following command into PowerShell:
    iwr -useb "" | iex
  2. Once the command installs JaxCore, it will show you the Start arise. If you have a low-spec computer, select Game mode Y performance mode and move on.
  3. Follow all the instructions until a pop-up window appears for the Basic Bundle Installer. If you are a newbie, please click I’ll get them later. Those familiar with JaxCore modules can select the modules/widgets and install them all at once.

You may have a hard time finding JaxCore after rebooting. To resolve this, navigate to your Settings page. Click Desk either program listbeside Add shortcut to desktop. This way you can access JaxCore anytime you want instead of doing it the hard way.

How to install a module with JaxCore

JaxCore offers eight modules that replace certain parts of the Windows user interface. You can use JaxCore modules to replace existing Windows elements with more customizable ones.

For example, the IdleStyle module replaces the default Windows screensaver, the ValliStart module replaces the start menu, and so on. For ValliStart, please refer to how to customize the Start menu with JaxCore for a detailed guide.

Once you have successfully installed the JaxCore skin for Rainmeter, you can install any module by following the given steps:

  1. Start JaxCore by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  2. About him JaxCore Discover/Home screen, click a module you want to install. We will show you how to install the IdleStyle module, for example.
  3. Click on the download icon and then, Yes, please guide me through the settings for onboarding instructions.
  4. Read the instructions on the screen and follow them accordingly.

That’s all you have to do. The module will then install automatically; Also, you can customize it from the module settings.

Please note that some modules require the installation of additional files from the Internet in order to work properly. Therefore, if the module you just installed does not work as expected, it is possible that you have not installed or configured the additional settings. In that case, you can refer to the JaxCore documentation website for help.

Modules and widgets are quite different from each other. Widgets are exclusively for your desktop, while modules are for Windows-specific items. Some basic Windows widgets include calendars, alarm clocks, and time and weather widgets.

JaxCore offers you four different widget skins that work with Rainmeter. All widgets come with various customization options and a modern design for you to change as you like. The one we are going to install for this guide is the ModularWatches contraption.

The installation steps are almost similar to installing a module. You need to select the widget and click on the Discharge icon. JaxCore will walk you through the installation steps and help you set it up on your desktop. Now that you’re interacting with a widget, you can right-click it (on your desktop) to customize it to your needs.

Widgets are draggable, so you can hold down the left mouse button on a widget and drag it wherever you want on your desktop. The best thing we liked is that you can right click on a widget and then click To line up to change the lineup to seven different locations.

If you like a widget and want to duplicate it, go to JaxCore Home > Library > Widget and click make clone to copy your widget.

The scope of customization is quite wide in JaxCore. While we can’t show all the settings in this tutorial, we’ll try to cover the most common and useful aspects here.

The following are some common names you may come across when customizing a module in JaxCore:

  • General: This section allows you to define a hotkey to activate an applied module. For example, in the IdleStyle module, you can specify a key that will start/activate/pause this module from the General section.
  • Position: Let’s say you’re using the ValliStart module and you want the Start menu to appear from the center of your desktop. You can do this using the Position options. This section allows you to set the position or alignment of modules and widgets.
  • Animation: As the name suggests, you can change the default animations from this section.
  • Design: JaxCore offers different layouts for all its modules and widgets. You can configure the design to your liking from the Design section.
  • Appearance: From here, you can customize the default module colors, blur settings, font options, and more.

If you misconfigure a module or widget, you can uninstall it or delete the module’s data from the Information screen.

There is a wide variety of other options at JaxCore. So you can solve them yourself and make the module look much better than its default state. Also, it’s always a good idea to check out the JaxCore documentation for help and other valuable resources.

JaxCore is more than just a Rainmeter skin; offers a combination of stylish skins that together make your desktop unique. Everything works very well together, from the aesthetics of the module to the widgets, the customization options and everything in between.

But because there are so many options and settings, it might confuse a beginner. So if you have decided to uninstall any module or widget, here is how to do it:

  1. Open Start and click Library.
  2. Click on the Module/Widget you want to uninstall. In our case, we will remove the volume mixer module.
  3. About him Information screen, click the uninstall button.
  4. Now select a reason for uninstallation and click Continue with the uninstall.
  5. That is all. Make sure to restart Rainmeter once to avoid errors.

So you can also uninstall a widget as the steps are almost similar. Also, restart your computer if you experience problems, such as JaxCore crashing after uninstalling a module. Then click the JaxCore shortcut you added to your desktop to launch it again.

If you find it difficult to master JaxCore, check out other tools for modifying and customizing Windows.

Better customize your Windows with JaxCore

Without a doubt, JaxCore’s pre-built modules and widgets satisfy a wide range of customization requirements. You can modify everything from colors to default fonts in the module settings.

In addition to JaxCore, several other programs allow you to fully customize your Windows desktop. So, what are you waiting for? You can find these types of Windows customization tools on the Internet and personalize your Windows experience in no time.

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