Astroneer: How to Rotate Objects

players of Astronaut You’ll quickly learn that building a foundation requires patience and planning. Completing the first handful of quests will net players a Small Printer, Medium Storage, Medium Printer, and even a Research Chamber. With all of these items near a player’s base, it can quickly become a crowded space.

Therefore, moving, placing and rotating elements are key elements to establish a base in Astronaut. While the game offers players plenty of instructions, remembering each and every way players can interact with its world can be challenging, especially for beginners. For those looking to learn how to move and rotate objects, this guide is here to help.


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How to pick up and move objects in Astroneer

To grab objects in the game, click the right trigger or press F on the keyboard. This will highlight and grab the item players are currently looking at and give them the ability to move it mid-air. Fortunately, players can also move while holding on to any object, albeit at a slow pace. For those looking to move objects a great distance through one of Astronautof the planets, they must pick up the object, move it a good distance in the air, drop it, and then repeat the process.

The game also automatically connects the object within a player’s reach to any nearby potential connection points. This makes placing materials such as aluminum in Astronaut on single machines, but can feel a bit clunky in a tight area. To free the item, players only need use the same trigger or wrench they used to grab it.

How to rotate objects in Astroneer

while holding objects

With any object within reach of a player, the option to rotate it is available. For those at a keyboard, pressing C rotates the object slowly to the left, while pressing V rotates the object slowly to the right. For those on Xbox, these controls are the left and right bumper, respectively. This slow rotation changes to a 90 degree turn for objects that are supported but resting on a platform. In this way, those looking to ensure that a printer produces objects away from other devices can adjust it without having to remove anything.

With the Auto Armed

Another way to easily rotate and move objects in Astronaut it is through the Automatic arming. This automation element allows players to automate the movement of elements around the base. It also features the ability to transfer Tier 1 items from one slot to another. To unlock this device, players must purchase the blueprints for 1,500 AstronautBytes research coin, and craft on a small printer. It costs one Aluminum and one Graphite to create.

Astronaut is available on Windows PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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