@AuManufacturing Conversations episode 12 – Phil West of Siren Cameras

In episode 12 of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent BalinskiWe heard from Phil West, co-founder of Siren Cameras.

West comes from a fishing family and moved to Australia from Scotland a decade ago. A few years ago, she went fishing in blue waters, caught nothing all day and then found herself in a 15-minute battle with what must have been a splendid fish before losing it.

This was the inspiration for the startup’s camera for anglers, so there would be no mystery as to what they’re fishing for. This became a dual-lens camera, for images of anglers and fish, with the ability to collect environmental data. .

West tells us about the invention, which he hopes will eventually enable better fisheries management decisions as well.

After starting his venture in 2018, he hopes to get the Siren X-1 camera into the hands of anglers, with a Kickstarter campaign launching this Wednesday at 7pm Brisbane time.

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episode guide

1:25 — Introduction.

2:35 — Being a first-time maker.

4:25 — Inspiration and the occasional frustration of fishing: “You’re effectively questioning whether this was all worth it.”

6:00 — The classic fisherman’s tale.

7:05 — The original concept.

8:30 — Add features over time.

9:55 — Underestimating how much work it would take to develop it.

10:55 — “Knocking in the dark” and seeking outside help.

12 — The decision to obtain patent protection.

13:45 — Dreaming and thinking about the potential of data collection.

16:20 — The possibility of AI for fish identification and discussions with Griffith University on this.

18:10 — The most important interface of industrial design, electronics and software. Help from Entech Electronics and Ingenuity Design.

20:40 — Where they will assemble their cameras and the challenges of doing it in Australia.

23 — The Land of Luck.

24:40 — Need for funds to set up a production line. Looking to Kickstarter to help beat the commercialization of Death Valley.

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Author: Brent Balinski

Brent is a co-founder and publisher of @AuManufacturing.

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