BioShock Movie Casts Hunger Games Director Francis Lawrence in the Lead

bioshock has found its new director in Francis Lawrence, who directed most of The Hunger Games The franchise saves the first film. Lawrence is just one of the team members announced to be working on the highly anticipated film.

bioshock, the beloved video game franchise, originally burst onto the scene in 2007. It was published by 2K, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. The original game, titled simply bioshock, it reached its 15th anniversary earlier this week. Fans have long been clamoring for a film adaptation, and the project has been on and off since 2011 when it was originally linked to pirates of the Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski. It wasn’t until Netflix acquired the rights that work progressed to its highest point yet.


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Netflix has now announced some of the team members who will be working on the bioshock movie. Joining director Lawrence is Michael Green writing the script. Green is known for working on movies like Logan, blade runner 2049, Y death on the nile. Producers on the project include Roy Lee for Vertigo Entertainment, Lawrence (in a dual role, producer and director), and 2K, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Executive producers include Cameron MacConomy and Strauss Zelnick for Take-Two Interactive. Zelnick’s involvement likely means that Take-Two Interactive will play a role in the film’s creative development, as they are the company behind the video game series. Netflix specifically chose to highlight the action elements of the series and also the horror and science fiction elements.

With bioshock 4 in active development, now is the perfect time to capitalize bioshock’legacy of s. Fans are feeling nostalgic following the 15th anniversary of the original game’s release, and the movie was supposedly originally in development for release alongside infinity bioshock. Now that the film is in production, it may be released alongside bioshock 4, ironically, an act of synergy that was destined to happen almost ten years ago.

bioshock It’s long been thought of as one of the most cinematic video games out there, so adapting it to the big screen is really a no-brainer. The plot of the game is one of its most important aspects, and removing the gameplay would create a cohesive narrative on its own. Hopefully, Netflix chooses to stay true to the game’s plot and world, but some fans doubt Netflix’s fidelity to the source materials, given how many changes they’ve made to various adaptations over the years.

bioshock is in development at Netflix.

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