Britney Spears has no problem with Keven Federline moving his children to Hawaii

Britney Spears apparently agrees with ex-husband Kevin Federline’s decision to move their two children to Hawaii.

The news comes after Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, sent a letter to Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, in response to the The Federline family’s announcement that they are moving from California.

“To her credit, Britney Spears will not interfere and consent to the relocation,Rosengart wrote in a letter obtained by Page Six.

The lawyer pointed out that the couple’s eldest son, Sean Preston will cease to be a minor when he turns 18 in September, while the youngest son Jayden, 16, is also close to the age of maturity.

Rosengart pointed out that did not anticipate any kind of problem when Kaplan first contacted him in April. He also noted that he urged Kaplan to keep the matter “private for the good and dignity of all parties involved, including the children.”

“He was particularly concerned that his client previously, and terribly, violated his privacy, while flagrantly violating Britney’s privacy, by releasing a private video of Britney with her kids, which was preceded by a sensationalist TV interview.” wrote Rosengart, a reference to Federline’s appearance on ITV last year after footage of Spears scolding the children surfaced.

Rosengart also criticized Kaplan’s decision to speak to TMZ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ earlier this month about Federline. potentially taking Spears to court if she did not approve the move to Hawaii.

“It was more than Disappointing that you have nevertheless chosen to publish this matter, creating unnecessary drama and a fake ‘dispute’ by publicly discussing the issue and your letter,” he wrote.

“When I called you yesterday to express my dismay that you had done it, you denied doing it. Apparently, you didn’t realize that [TMZ’s] The same story from May 30 literally quotes you as the source of the story.

“It was also ironic, given the statement in his April 28 letter that in addition to a job opportunity in Hawaii for Mr. Federline’s wife, the children wanted to be ‘more protected from media scrutiny.’ That is commendable. But his interview with the media did nothing to protect them; instead, publicized the issue in the media.

Spears and Federline’s relationship

Spears and Federline had been married since October 2004 to July 2007. She later married Sam Asghari in June 2022, while Federline married Victoria Prince in August 2013.

Along with Preston and Jayden, Federline shares a daughter, Kori, and a son, Kaleb, with his ex-fiancée. Shar Jackson, as well as Jordan and Peyton with Prince.