Cast list and characters explored

LMN’s latest thriller, you will never leave Me, is all set to premiere on the channel on Thursday, June 1, 2023. The film tells the story of a young woman whose life takes a devastating turn after an accident that leaves her boyfriend in a coma. Here is the official synopsis for the film, according to LMN:

After a car accident leaves her boyfriend in a coma, April’s panic attacks return and make her life hell. However, once she accepts the kindness of a stranger trying to help her, she realizes that he might not be the stranger she thought she was.”

The film stars Christie Leverette in the title role, along with several others playing major supporting characters. It is directed by Danny J. Boyle and directed by Stephen Romano.

you will never leave me in LMN: Cast list and explored characters

1) Christie Leverette as April

Christie Leverette plays the lead role of April in the new LMN thriller, you will never leave me. She is devastated after her husband falls into a coma following an accident. Since then, a seemingly kind man has helped her, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

April is the film’s protagonist and it is her journey that forms the crux of the film. Viewers can expect Leverette to give a powerful performance in the film. Her other notable acting credits include Murder at Blackthorne Manor, she is not your daughter and many more.

2) Cameron Jebo as Jimmy

Cameron Jebo plays Jimmy in the new LMN movie. Other than that, more details about his character are currently being kept under wraps, but he is expected to play a major role in the story. Viewers may be familiar with Jebo from Tangled up, a christmas princess, murderous single fatherand many more.

3) Nicole Marie Johnson as Susan

The famous actress Nicole Marie Johnson plays the role of Susan in you will never leave me. Not many other details about her character are revealed at this time, but viewers can expect her to play a major supporting role.

Nicole Marie Johnson is known for her appearances in many other movies over the years, such as My daughter’s mortal roommates, Secrets on Sorority Row, a lover scornedand a deadly mistakebetween many more.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, the film also stars several others who essay major supporting/supporting roles such as:

  • Sharonne Lanier as Stella
  • Christian Blaque Meier as Pierre Sanders
  • Rachel Petsiavas as Ann Gordon
  • Milly Figuereo as Lisa
  • Crystal Day as Marie
  • Andrea Hessig as Nurse Jill
  • Erin Dangler as Nurse Kathy
  • Brian Childers as Jeb Challis
  • Philip Boyd as Patrick

The official trailer for you will never leave me offers a glimpse of the many shocking events that will unfold in the new thriller without revealing any spoilers.

It brilliantly sets the atmosphere and tone of the movie while establishing the basic premise. Viewers who enjoyed other popular Lifetime movies like chaos on the farm and burned by love you should check this one out.

do not miss you will never leave me on LMN on Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 8pm ET.