Classic Silent Hill games could be coming to Steam

A while ago, there were strong rumors that Silent Hill was going to return, and now a new tease says that the games could be coming to Steam.

While there are a number of entries in the franchise to go back and enjoy, Silent Hill it remains a melancholy theme for many gamers. With the unfortunate loss of Kojima PT, which would have led to a new game in the celebrated horror series, fans have wondered for many years if they will see the return of the titular city of mist. Currently, there’s no word on whether or not a new game is out, but it looks like the classics will be coming to Steam at some point.


As spotted by Rely on Horror, Konami has released a short trailer on their Instagram that assembles selected titles from their back catalog of releases. The accompanying message announces that 23 games and 18 DLC will be coming to Steam, although no date is given. While there is no clip Silent Hill in the video itself, it appears in the list of other hashtags in the description. This implies that horror titles will be included in this list of games that will be available on Steam. The fact that Konami says so suggests that this could be real. In which case, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on things to see how the story unfolds.

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No doubt fans of the series will be excited to finally be able to play the classics through Valve’s platform. Of course, what most would prefer is a new entry. A few months ago, there were strong rumors that silent hill 2 it was being remade and that layers of fear the Bloober Team studio would be developing it. However, none of this has been officially confirmed, and many fans are trying not to jump to conclusions. After all, there have been more than a few speculations in the past about the series returning. Even Christophe Gans, who directed the first film adaptation, has said that Konami is rebooting the franchise, but no announcement has been made by the studio as of yet.

Some are even getting a little impatient and taking matters into their own hands. A fan is working on a new version of Unreal Engine 5 from Silent Hill, with gameplay footage that was shown a couple of months ago. Since the last official entries in the series were from 2012 Downpour and the PS Vita exclusive book of memorieswhich came out the same year, gamers have been waiting a decade for a new installment to see the light of day.

As one of the most influential horror games of all time, the first Silent Hill set the standard for the genre, building on the success of early demonic resident games while also injecting its own iconic flavor of psychological horror. It’s no wonder fans want a new entry. But for now, hopefully Konami will release the classic games to Steam soon.

Silent Hill Video game projects are rumored to be in development.

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