Do Genshin Impact FPS unlockers really work?

Some Genshin Impact FPS unlockers do work, but there are a few caveats to be aware of. First, the use of any third-party tools with this game may ban a player’s account. The mileage of one being caught will vary from Traveler to Traveler. Just know that the risk of losing the account may discourage some people from trying it.

Still, many Genshin Impact players love FPS unlockers as it makes the game more streamlined, especially for players who don’t want to stick with 60 FPS. Many modern computers can quickly overcome that limitation, which is why some people look to FPS unlockers in the first place.

Some Genshin Impact FPS unlockers work

It’s worth noting that several different Genshin Impact FPS unlockers are available online. One of the most popular is 34736484 (REL) on GitHub, which is open source. The good thing about open source projects is that players can review the code themselves to see if there is anything fishy.

Some closed source apps can be more sketchy, especially since many Genshin Impact accounts tend to get taken over when players download untrusted files. Always do your research before installing something from a site you’ve never used before.

An example of a player getting more FPS than they normally would (Image via DJLOLXD2)

A reliable FPS unlocker can help PC gamers to get over 120 FPS which is usually impossible via default game settings. It’s worth noting that these third-party apps may receive sporadic updates, so players may want to regularly check for a new bug fix or other feature from time to time.

If travelers find one they want to download, they should check the instructions for that app. The additional FPS from these programs can be useful in helping players make more timely decisions during combat. Such perks won’t make a bad player suddenly good, but they are still valuable enough to incentivize players to download these third-party apps.

Can Genshin Impact FPS unlockers be banned?

Players may use third-party programs at their own risk (Image via HoYoverse)

The Genshin Impact Terms of Service includes a passage that states the following:

“Please note that COGNOSPHERE Games with Cheat Detection Software may collect and transmit details about your account, gameplay, and any potentially unauthorized programs and processes, subject to our Privacy Policy. In the event that cheats are identified, you agree that COGNOSPHERE may exercise some or all of its rights hereunder. You confirm that, by installing, copying, running or otherwise using the COGNOSPHERE Games, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.”

Any third-party application could count as an “unauthorized program”. Some players have reported using an FPS unlocker for over a year without getting banned. Since it is not guaranteed to be 100% secure, readers are advised to use third-party programs at their own risk.

There is no official news regarding Genshin Impact breaking 60 FPS on PC outside of the aforementioned third-party tools. Until then, travelers will have to rely on third-party programs to get the desired FPS.