Doom Series: The Top Games, Ranked

As for FPS games, few have achieved the iconic status that they Condemn series has managed to achieve. What started out as shareware in the early 90s has grown into a series that other games in the genre are compared to. Today, we will be looking at and ranking the top six games in the series and see how they stack up against each other.

6. Destiny 3

the third game

The third entry in Condemn The series is the most different in terms of tone. While the other games are more of an action horror game, this one takes on more of a survival horror role. Other entries focus a lot on weapons and making things as carnage as possible. Here things are much slower and more attention is paid to the atmosphere. There are certainly elements that fans will recognize, but it’s not nearly as intense here. The game is still a worthy entry in the series, even if it is the underdog in the eyes of many. The gameplay is fun, as always, and the atmosphere here is unmatched by other games in the franchise. The game stands out, providing a unique feel that helps add some variety should fans want to play all of the mainline games.

5. doom

Gameplay of the first main series game

This is where it all started. This original game was far from the first first-person shooter, but it did pioneer many elements that would become staples of the genre. It also pushed the limits of what could be allowed in video games in terms of violence. This classic game still holds up extremely well and is still an exciting game to play today. The mainline games mostly improved on earlier entries as the series progressed, so many of the elements fans associate with the franchise are not present in the first game. Still, any action game fan owes it to themselves to play this original classic. Another legendary element of this original game is the soundtrack. This soundtrack helped change the way video game music was made from that point on. One listens to the iconic E1M1 theme and it becomes clear why this game is so revolutionary.

4. Fatality: Eternal

Gameplay of the latest game in the Doom series

The latest game on the Condemn The series is full of action, blood and carnage. The main criticism from many fans of the game is that the lower difficulties can make the game too easy. Using certain moves on certain enemies gives the player tons of ammo and health, making it easy to avoid death. For many, this makes it too easy to progress and forces the player to turn up the difficulty for any real challenge. Regardless, the game is fast-paced, intense, and even terrifying at times. Everything that makes the series so great is present here.

Even the lore of the franchise expands as the story delves deeper into the legend of the one demons fear most. From the moment the game was released, fans latched onto it and enjoyed every minute of it. The game even has an iconic villain from the past series return for a final fight, forcing players to use all the abilities they’ve learned. Eternal It’s also packed with collectibles that help deepen the lore as well as reward players with powerful weapons and skins.

3. Doom II: Hell on Earth

Doom II screenshot

With the success of the original game, a sequel was a no-brainer. With some add-ons released later to expand on the ending of the original, this sequel is where things start to take shape. Some fan-favorite weapons make their first appearance here, and the levels are some of the best in the series. The carnage and chaos lead to a legendary battle with the Icon of Sin. To this day, few boss fights fill players with dread quite like this fight.

The player must use everything they’ve learned up to this point in order to stand a chance, and emerging victorious is one of the best feelings any of the main games can give. Depending on who you ask, this is where the franchise really started to morph into the behemoth it was destined to become. The original game is almost flawless, but this one is close to perfection.

2. Death (2016)

The fans were desperate for a fourth game in the Condemn series for years. It seemed like every time one was close to launch, it was canceled or postponed. Finally, in 2016, his wishes were fulfilled. Condemn 2016 (also known as doom 4 by some fans) took everything from the original mainline games and brought it to the current generation. Being able to cut through hordes of demons made the player feel like an unstoppable force.

Each and every kill made by the player was as satisfying as ever, and Glory Kills added to that satisfaction. The game mixed the classic games with elements from the third inning. This meant that fans still had to rely on their instincts and survival skills, but at the same time they could cut through armies of demons. Fans love how fast and intense the game can get. This is a great place to start for modern gamers unfamiliar with the series.

1. fatality 64

Many feel the best game in the saga in Doom 64

Arguably the Nintendo 64 was the most popular console of its time. Fans were thrilled when the already iconic Condemn The series made the leap to console. The game takes everything in the series so far and mixes it up to create a fun, scary, and of course violent moment. For many at the time, this was the best way to play the classic formula. Despite the title, this game was a new and original entry for the main games. Today, it stands the test of time not only as one of the best Nintendo 64 games, but as one of the best FPS games.

The moment the game starts, fans are treated to an amazing intro that perfectly sums up the franchise. Just like the second game, it all leads up to an awesome boss fight. The fight can be tough as nails or incredibly simple, depending on how well the player has searched the game.

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