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The CUET syllabus covers four subjects i.e. Section 1A – Languages, Section 1B – Languages, Section 2 – Proficiency and Section 3 – General Test. Check here the list of languages, domain-specific subjects and general tests that are included in the CUET study plan for the UG exam.

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CUET Curriculum Download PDF

CUET program It is published by the National Exam Agency (NTA) for the Common University Access Test (CUET) exam. The NTA conducts the CUET UG exam through a computerized test (CBT) for the selection of eligible candidates for the granting of admission to the Undergraduate Programs (UG) through 44 Central Universities and other participating universities.

Applicants preparing to sit for the CUET UG exam must adhere to the CUET syllabus published by the NTA in order to score high on the CBT. The exam consists of objective-type multiple-choice questions (MCQs). There are three sections in the exam: language test, proficiency test, and general test. In the specific domain test, there are 27 domain topics from which candidates can choose any topic.

In this article, we provide the CUET pdf syllabus for each subject along with a detailed exam pattern and preparation strategies.

CUET 2023 Study Plan: Summary

We share below the summary of the entrance exam for all applicants for the CUET UG exam.

conductive body

National Testing Agency (NTA)

Complete Form CUET

Entrance Test to the Central University (CUET)

CUET program

Section 1A – Languages, Section 1B – Languages, Section 2 – Proficiency, Section 3 – General Test


Objective type with multiple choice questions


13 languages

Number of sections

4 sections

Scoring scheme

+ 5 points for the correct answer and – 1 point for each wrong answer

CUET 2023 Study Plan

The CUET syllabus covers four subjects i.e. Section 1A – Languages, Section 1B – Languages, Section 2 – Proficiency and Section 3 – General Test. The exam will be held in three shifts in one day. An applicant can choose up to 10 subjects to attempt the exam. The list of languages, domain-specific subjects, and general tests covered in the CUET syllabus for the UG exam is detailed here.

CUET Syllabus 2023 for Language Test

In section I of the CUET 2023 exam, the language will be assessed through reading comprehension (based on different types of passages: Factual, Literary, and Narrative. There will be a quiz that will have 50 questions of which 40 questions must refer to the list of languages ​​covered in Section 1A and Section 1B shared below:



The questions in the Language Section will be on the following topics, but are not limited to:

  1. Reading Comprehension: There will be three types of passages (maximum 300-350 words):
  • Factual
  • Narrative
  • Literary
  1. verbal ability
  2. rearranging the parts
  3. choose the correct word
  4. Synonyms and antonyms
  5. Vocabulary

Section IA – 13 Languages














Section IB – 20 Languages





















CUET Syllabus 2023 for Domain Subject

The CUET syllabus for section II will be based on the syllabus for class 12. Please refer to the CUET 2023 exam domain-specific subject syllabus below:

CUET program for general exam

In section III of the CUET 2023 exam, there will be a questionnaire that will have 60 questions of which 50 must be attempted. The CUET questionnaire will contain questions on the following topics:

  1. General knowledge
  2. current affairs
  3. general mental ability
  4. numerical ability
  5. Reasoning (simple application of basic mathematical concepts, quantitative arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics)
  6. Logical and Analytical Reasoning, etc.

CUET 2023 exam pattern

Candidates should be well familiar with the CUET exam pattern for information on the question pattern, number of questions, and marking scheme. Please refer to the detailed exam pattern below:

  1. The CUET exam will be conducted in Computer Based Testing (CBT) mode.
  2. The questions will be of the multiple choice objective type (MCQ).
  3. There will be three sections in the exam i.e. language section, domain subject section and general test.
  4. The medium of the CUET quiz will be English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.
  5. The CUET marking scheme will be the following:
  • Correct answer or the most appropriate answer: Five points (+5)
  • Any marked incorrect option will be given minus one point (-1).
  • No Response/Marked for Review will not be given a mark (0).
  • If more than one option is determined to be correct, five points (+5) will be awarded only to those who have marked any of the correct options.
  • If all the options are correct, five points (+5) will be awarded to all those who have tried to answer the question.
  • If none of the options are found to be correct or a question is incorrect or a question is dropped, then all candidates who have attempted to answer the dropped question will receive five points (+5) points.



Questions to try

Section 1A – Languages

There are 13 different languages. You can choose any of these languages.

40 questions out of 50 must be attempted in each language.

Section 1B – Languages

There are 20 languages. You can choose any of these languages.

Section 2 –


There are 27 Domains specific topics offered in this section. A candidate can choose any subject that the corresponding University or Universities desire.

35/40 Questions to try from 45/50.

Section 3 –

overall test

For any of the undergraduate programs offered by universities where a general admission test is used.

50 questions to be attem

straight out of 60

How to prepare for the CUET 2023 exam?

CUET UG exam is one of the most popular competitive exams in India. Approximately 10-14 lakh candidates appear for the entrance exam every year, however only a handful would pass the exam due to their hard work, dedication and consistency. Based on the analysis of the previous year’s CUET exam, the overall difficulty of the exam has been moderate to difficult. Therefore, it is important that the applicant knows the best tips and tricks for preparing the CUET to pass the entrance exam:

  • Download the latest CUET syllabus and exam pattern to study from the authentic sources. The official syllabus comprises all updated topics in detail. This will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, the amount of preparation required, and make an effective study plan.
  • When making a study plan, be sure to allocate enough time for mock tests, quizzes from previous years, sample papers, and review. This will also help to assess your knowledge and level of preparation.
  • Choose the best books and study materials recommended by experts and the best from previous years to learn all the subjects specified in the curriculum. We have provided the best books for all sections below in this article.
  • Analyze your strong and weak areas in each topic. Evaluate which topics require more effort and preparation. While you are at it, make sure to keep clearing your doubts through reputed educational portals like Jagran Josh, or training institutes, informational videos, etc.

The best books for CUET Syllabus

Candidates should choose the best CUET books for preparation based on the latest pattern and exam trends to maximize their chances of scoring on the exam. The right books will help you cover all the topics mentioned in the CUET syllabus. The subject books for the entrance exam are listed below:

CUET books for Section IA, IB and Section III (Language and GT)

Take a look at the CUET books for section IA, IB and section III (Language and General Test) shared below:


book list

general consciousness

General Knowledge by Arihant Disha’s Rapid

General Knowledge by Disha Experts

English language

English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy Competitive

English Grammar and Composition by Arihant

Analysis capacity

Arihant’s analytical reasoning and logical reasoning

Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

Math Aptitude

Lucent’s Complete Mathematics

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by RS Sharma

CUET Section II Books (Domain Specific Subjects)

Take a look at the CUET Books for section II (domain-specific topics) listed below:


book list


ABC Chemistry by SP Jauhar Organic Chemistry by Arihant


Botany by AC Dutta

Dinesh’s Objective Biology


Elementary Mathematics by DoroFeev Patapov

A book of problems in mathematical analysis by GN Berman


Physics Concepts by HC Verma

social Sciences

Methodology and perspectives of the social sciences by Abhijit Kundu

Political Science by ND Arora

Economic Sciences

Economics by Lipsey R. and A Crystal

Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Chiang AC and K


Accounting I and II (NCERT Class XII) by NCERT

Arihant Experts Accounting Manual

Also check;