Each follower form and how to get them

Players who are curious about the various forms of followers in Cult of the Lamb can find everything they need to know in this guide.

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cult of the lamb It appeals to those who like the survival genre, building or construction games, or gathering a large number of fans to adore and adore them. It’s a unique combination that a lot of other games don’t have, at least not yet, but cult of the lamb it’s popular enough to start a trend.

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As Lamb progresses on his journey, he’ll encounter various forms of followers that can be purchased from vendors, the Stone Kiosk at each location, or as a drop in dungeons. Others can be obtained through downloadable content or connections to other applications.



Follower Location
Axolotl The leader of the monks in Pilgrim’s Passage is an axolotl, and after the Lamb fixes the lighthouse, this form is unlocked.
Armadillo Cat Deer Fox Pig Red Panda Unicorn Available as loot, vendors, the stone kiosk, or as a reward at any stage in the game.
Crab Catch the little crab running across the dock in Smuggler’s Cove to unlock this form.
Dog It is commonly found, but this is the only way a “Pat” interaction option has to increase follower loyalty.
Fish The Lamb will take this form when you fish, and it’s not a hard item to find.
Poop Feed your followers enough poop to unlock this follower form. The current estimate is 18 to 20 bowls.
massive monster Hit the big snail to start a fight with Rakshasa, defeat it and it will unlock a new shrine, the Massive Monster statue. Build it and then use the “Pray” interaction to unlock it.
Rat Check the woodpile behind Ratatu’s lonely hut to find this form.
Starfish Wander through the piles of gold next to where followers are sacrificed in Miadas Cave to find the snail.
Snail Collect all five snail pieces throughout the Crusades and offer them to the five shrines at each location on the map to unlock the snail.
Wolf Complete Wolf’s sordid night quests to unlock this follower form. Refuse any of his requests and this form will not be available.

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Downloadable Content (DLC)

Follower Description
Cthulhu It’s a cute version of the Lovecraftian tentacled monster for those who pre-purchased the game.
Aardvark He looks like an elephant at first, but the ears reveal his true identity.
Bee It sounds weird, but only the head turns into a bee, so this follower walks like the others.
Tortoise A character wearing what looks like a tortoise shell hat.
Bow Probably one of the easiest animal forms to recognize.
Narwhal There is a fish and a unicorn available, so it makes sense to add a narwhal.

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These forms are only available to players who have Twitch integration. This is not the same as streaming, but the two are not mutually exclusive. Twitch integration is a way to let others interact in what would normally be an indie game.

Follower Description
Frankerz It looks like a Beagle, and either way, another variant of the dog follower is good for the Loyalty generation aficionado.
PogChampion Another frog shape, this one looks like it’s trying to be isometric and it’s the only one that isn’t completely two dimensional.
pink lynx He resembles the Cat but has a more streamlined face with a heart mark on his forehead.
purple rat He looks more like a mouse with curly hair and round ears.
Ralpherz Another form of dog, but one color and no markings, more like a Labrador.

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The forms of followers that have their own names are the monsters that the Lamb defeats and subjugates at the end of each Crusade. These forms begin with the title “Witness”, but this is removed once the Lamb indoctrinates the follower into worshiping him. After that, the player has the option to change the name to whatever he wants.

Dark wood

Follower Location
Amdusias Agares Barbatos Valefor One of the boss forms that unlocks after Lamb defeats them.
Cow Horse Hedgehog Rabbit Deer Available as loot, from a vendor, or as a reward once the Lamb has taken his Crusade to Darkwood.

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Follower Location
Bathin Gusion Eligos Zephar One of the boss forms that unlocks after Lamb defeats them.
Bison Coyote Capybara Frog Giraffe A mixture of bugs lives in the Anura Rotten Forest, and the Lamb can find them after they have completed Darkwood and entered this realm.

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Follower Location
Astoroth Baalzebub Haborym Saleos One of the boss forms that unlocks after Lamb defeats them.
Alligator Elephant Hippopotamus Otter Seahorse These amphibious creatures are unlocked when the Lamb is exploring the aquatic kingdom of Anchordeep.

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silk cradle

Follower Location
Allocer Focalor Haurus Vephar One of the boss forms that unlocks after Lamb defeats them.
Bat Bear Centipede The kind of animals that would live in an old insect-filled forest, and the Lamb can find or buy these forms in the dark, dense forests.

cult of the lamb It is currently available for PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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