[Esports] The most popular games on YouTube so far in 2022

Streaming games on YouTube has become a norm in the esports industry. Many developers, professional gamers and esports fans are currently in this activity to promote new game titles and share important game guides and other game related knowledge with viewers.

In recent years, the video viewing platform has accumulated many communities within it. Now many popular games have appeared on YouTube even after many months or years.

In this part, we will tackle the most popular video games on YouTube this year. Stay tuned for more details later!

The most popular games on YouTube in 2022

[Esports]    The most popular games on YouTube so far in 2022

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From “Minecraft” to “Fortnite,” these are the most popular titles on YouTube so far.

When you open YouTube and browse the “Games” section, you will see a huge selection of games, including “Dota 2”, “Apex Legends”, “Super Smash Bros”. and more.

You can also see recommended clips that you can check based on your browsing history and subscriptions. The algorithm will depend on the usual games that you usually watch or play on YouTube.

There is another section where you will see the latest fashion videos. Recent matches in the world of MOBAs and other game genres will appear once you click “See All”.

Despite the appearance of newer titles, a large number of fans stick to their favorites, usually those games that have been running for a long time.

Here’s a quick tour of the most popular games on YouTube.


The origin of “Roblox” dates back to 2006, but its popularity began to grow in 2016. Knowing that this game has been around for a long time, many current gamers still have no idea about its old platform.

The game has become a huge hit for people who want to regularly share their in-game achievements with other players. When “Roblox” streams on YouTube started appearing out of nowhere, fans couldn’t contain their excitement for them.

This kid-focused platform is not just for young gamers but also for kids at heart. The most fun thing about “Roblox” is its lively community full of discussions, twists and updates.

Unfortunately, it is also riddled with cheaters and hackers. According to reports, the game was also attacked by malware that had infected many computers around the world.


Battle Royale games are not a thing of the past, but when “PlayersUnknown’s BattleGround” (PUBG) came out, millions of gamers were amazed by its gameplay and mechanics.

It was first released on PC, particularly on the Steam platform. Since not everyone can afford a PC, the developers decided to release its mobile version.

To date, “PUBG” remains one of the most popular games featured by streamers on YouTube.


The list won’t be complete without mentioning Epic’s “Fortnite.” This other battle royale title is still growing right now.

On YouTube, you can see a lot of “Fortnite” videos from different channels, so it’s obvious that it’s included in the list.


The “Grand Theft Auto” franchise is a success story for Rockstar Games. This lineup, from the start, is getting impressive feedback from players.

On YouTube, you may have already come across “GTA V” which was released in 2013. Although newer versions of “GTA” were released afterwards, it is still a more popular choice among gamers.

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Last on the list and the most popular game on the planet right now is “Minecraft”. It has sold more than 230 million copies worldwide, but that is not the only thing that is spectacular about it.

It’s at the top of the gaming pyramid for a reason. First of all, it is about creativity and interaction. Secondly, it is versatile and you won’t get bored easily because you can test your artistic side through it.

Notable streamers like Feinberg, GeogeNotFound, and Dream have already made millions in profit due to their ongoing streams of “Minecraft” on YouTube.

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