Flash fan theories and what to expect in season 9

The last season of The flash it is upon us, and much depends on it. Not only is it the final season of one of The CW’s most popular shows, it’s also the final season of the Arrowverse as a whole. With that in mind, here are some things we hope to see in the final season of The flashas well as some fan theories.

First of all, we hope to see the return of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). After being absent for most of the previous season, it’s critical that he return for the final season in a big way. In addition, we hope to see the return of other important characters, such as Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdés).


Fan theories that speculate about the end of The Flash

Fans have some amazingly great ideas for ending the series and sparking potential new stories for more in the Arrowverse. Reddit user u/UntilTmrw posted a complex synopsis of what they’d like to see, including the return of Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy) for four to six episodes. Lastly, Barry would travel to the future to:

“Stop a threat and we’ll witness the origin of Eobard that we heard about in ‘Armageddon Part 5,’ where Barry saved a crowd that was supposed to be Eobard… but we don’t even know Eobard was there, we just thought ‘Oh, Barry saved the day’. “

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On other subreddits, au/Hermit_News would like to see other villains take center stage in the latest episodes. They feel that the Reverse Flash has become a weak and boring villain, opting for Zoom, Cobalt Blue, or even Red Death to return to their timeline and wreak havoc.

Flash and the dark knight(s)

In The flash, different versions of Barry Allen exist within the multiverse. Each universe has its own unique characteristics and history. The existence of the multiverse was first hinted at in the season one episode “Out of Time”, when Cisco Ramon mentioned the possibility of alternate Earths to Barry Allen. The concept was further explored in the second season episode “Welcome to Earth-2”, when Barry traveled to an alternate universe for the first time.

With the release of the Season 9 trailer, we get a glimpse of other DC heroes, specifically Batman. At the time of this writing, sources have not one but two different actors listed as Batman in The flash. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are credited with the same role in post-production on Season 9.. This gives viewers a lot to speculate on. Screen Rant confirms this speculation but does not elaborate on the story. As fans will have two Batmans in the final season, will they venture to Central City or will The Flash join them in Gotham?

The cast returning for season 9

Let’s just point out that Grant Gustin is scheduled to reprise his role as Barry Allen, which is great since The flash It wouldn’t be the smash hit it is without its star. Unsurprisingly, Gustin was the first to sign on for season 9. His return was announced in March 2022, just before the show was renewed. Before The CW decided on a 13-episode final season, the actor reportedly capped his appearance at 15 episodes.

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Speaking of leads, Iris West-Allen will once again be played by leading lady Candice Patton. There were initial concerns that she would not return because the actress had said that she did not know what Iris’s future held. However, TVLine confirmed her return, much to the delight of the star’s devoted fans, when the season 8 finale aired.

Existing cast members Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton and Brandon McKnight are also expected to return, even if there have been no rumors confirming the return of other cast members yet. All three of the aforementioned characters had happy endings in season 8, and Caitlin Snow’s attempt to bring back Frost seems to have ensured that Danielle Panabaker will once again play two roles in season 9.

Another thing we hope to see in the final season is a resolution of the tensions between Team Flash and Team Arrow. After years of being allies, the two teams have been at odds for the past few seasons. It would be great to see them put aside their differences and come together to take on the common enemy one last time.

Lastly, we hope to see a satisfying conclusion for the Arrowverse as a whole. After nearly a decade of stories, it would be nice if all the loose ends were tied up in a little bow. Of course, since the Arrowverse is as complex as it is, that may be easier said than done. But we have faith.

These are just some of the things we hope to see in the final season of The flash.

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