Free Fire OB40 Update APK Download Link for Android Devices

The third major Free Fire update of the year has arrived, with Garena releasing the early OB40 update today. Unlike most of the time, the developers have made some changes from the distribution of the latest version, since the servers will not be taken down for maintenance. Also, you can access the older version for a few days, albeit with limited features.

After downloading the latest version, you will find a new achievement system, a new Clash Squad mode, tons of Battle Royale changes, weapon and character changes, and other exciting content. In addition, various exciting events are expected.

Step by step procedure to download the Free Fire OB40 update on Android devices

You can download Free Fire OB40 through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Usually, Android users are inclined to use the APK and OBB files to get the latest version. However, Garena does not recommend using third-party files due to several factors.

Therefore, it is always recommended to use the official stores. With that said, here is a link to the Free Fire OB40 update on the Google Play Store:

Google Play Store page: Click here.

Use the above link to visit the game’s Google Play Store page (Image via Garena)

You can go to the game page on the Google Play Store and click the update/install button to get the latest version of the game. The size of the update is around 189 MB. You may also need to download additional resource packs for all features. Therefore, it is advisable to download the game over a WiFi connection.

Right after downloading the updated version, you can jump into the battle royale title to experience all its features as there is no maintenance like before. Additionally, many events offer multiple exciting rewards, including mythical weapon skins.

Free Fire OB40 Update Features

The patch has a lot going for players (Image via Garena)

The patch has brought considerable changes to the game, bringing an improved overall experience. Some key introductions are as follows:

  • New System: Achievement
  • Clash Squad Changes (Duo Active Skills Mode and Shop Adjustments)
  • Changes in Battle Royale (Gloo Maker, Super Revival Optimization, In-match quest, Bonus Box and more)
  • Weapon balances (rifles, shotguns, pistols and more)
  • New awakened character of Alok and Sonia
  • Character rework (Dimitri, Thiva, Kapella and Olivia)
  • Character balance adjustments (Tatsuya, Clu, Homer, Skyler, K, Iris, Hayato, Andrew, Rafael and Alvaro “Rageblast”)
  • Map Changes (Nurek Dam, Mars Electric and Cape Town)

Players can read the full patch notes for the current update here.

Note: As Free Fire is restricted in India, players in the country are advised not to play the battle royale title. Instead, they can participate in the MAX version of the title that is not on the list of blocked applications.

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