Fun Educational Games on Steam

Steam has a world of opportunities in terms of gaming, with a wide variety of genres available at the consumer’s fingertips. Educational games are a genre that doesn’t get much love or attention.

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However, learning doesn’t have to be boring! Many educational video games combine passive learning with entertainment. From learning about historical events to solving simple problems, video games now have a lot to offer in terms of educating consumers while also being fun. These games prove that learning doesn’t have to be confined to textbooks or school and can be done from the comfort of a gaming chair.


10 Thrive

Who said science had to be boring and complicated? In Thrive, players can take control of an organism on an alien planet. Your goal is to adapt to new environments through evolutions to survive and thrive.

drawing inspiration from Spore, players will be able to control a unique microbe and find the resources it needs to stay alive and reproduce. In the editor, players can see how well their species survive and modify them, changing their membranes and visual appearances. Players learn about biology using real compounds and organelles inspired by real science.

9 it’s spring again

it’s spring again is a short and sweet game, supposedly aimed at children ages two and up. Its goal is to educate players on how the seasons change, using an adorable art style and storytelling.

it’s spring again is a healthy and valuable game for anyone who wants to brush up on their natural sciences, teaching players how the seasons affect the Earth and its inhabitants.

8 bee simulator

Learn about small but integral parts of an ecosystem! bee simulator, although it is aimed at children, it allows players to take on the role of a little bee. They fly around a large park based on New York’s Central Park and collect pollen from different flowers for their hive.

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Each loading screen has an interesting fact about bees, so players can play while learning about the importance of these winged creatures.

7 Redemption of Bio Inc.

Have you ever wanted to play Devil’s Advocate? With more than 600 diseases, viruses and real health conditions, Redemption of Bio Inc. is a realistic biomedical simulation where players can make life and death decisions.

There are two-story campaigns. Players can choose Death, where they can mix and match to create the ultimate disease to infect and torment unsuspecting victims. Or they can choose Life and identify and cure patients before it’s too late. Save or destroy the human race, one life at a time.

6 Sid Meier’s Civilization 6

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game in which players take on the role of a famous historical figure of their choice. It challenges players in both logic and story. They then have to expand their own empire, promote their culture, and compete against some of the world’s greatest past leaders.

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Civilization VI teaches players about different cultures and some of the greatest empires in history and tests their critical thinking and strategy skills.

5 Kerbal space program

Behind his funny and goofy exterior, Kerbal space program It is quite an educational game. Players can access a variety of different parts to create their own fully functional spaceship to travel through space in style.

Players can explore a wide variety of different planets in the Kerbal solar system, expanding their expedition. Teach players about space, aerodynamics, and orbital mechanics as the game employs realistic physics engines and mechanics!

4 911 operator

In 911 operator, players take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, with lives on their hands. They must respond quickly to incoming calls and react appropriately to situations that develop. Players must remember that the person on the other end of the line can be anyone.

The caller could be a relative of a dying child, a volatile gunslinger, or just a prankster. How players handle these scenarios is up to them.

This game is educational because it gives players real life first aid instructions. It also allows them to develop their critical thinking skills under (dummy) pressure.

3 Unlimited Scribblenauts

Very focused on problem solving Unlimited Scribblenauts uses the player’s imagination and a magical notebook to manifest any word the player chooses to unlock stars. The world is literally the player’s oyster, as they are virtually limitless in the words they can use.

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This would be a fun game to teach young children about different adjectives and for non-native speakers who are learning English.

two PC Building Simulator

Ever wanted to build a beastly PC while on a PC? PC Building Simulator allows players to do just that. Players will get many jobs on their way, from simple diagnostics and repairs to building custom specialized computers.

This immersive business simulator allows gamers to build the PC of their dreams using fully licensed parts from real-world manufacturers. It can teach even the most novice PC user how to build a real life desktop PC. PC Building Simulator provides easy step-by-step instructions and guides, providing information on each part of the computer and its function. A great simulation game useful for real life!

1 Assassin’s Creed: Origins

There are many games in assassin’s Creed franchise. They take players on a trip down historical memory lane as each game is based on historical events. Famous historical figures like Charles Darwin and Cleopatra appear in these games.

Players can learn about history without even realizing it! Assassin’s Creed: Origins specifically, it really hones in on Ancient Egypt, allowing players to see the pyramids up close and personal. Ubisoft combines a great story, unique gameplay, and accurate facts to make the story an enjoyable experience.

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