Geospace Technologies: Launches Mariner – New Ocean Bottom Node

Announcing the World’s Most Economical Form of Shallow Water Seismic Surveying

Geospace Technologies (NASDAQ: GEOS) today announced the launch of a new seismic acquisition product known as Mariner™, a four-channel, self-contained, wireless, continuous shallow-water ocean floor recorder.

Mariner is the next generation node designed for long duration ocean floor seismic data acquisition. The slim profile nodes are ideally deployed to a depth of 750 meters. The device continuously records up to 70 days and offers faster recharge times. Its slim profile creates space savings on seismic survey vessels, allowing contractors to fit up to 25% more nodes in a loading/unloading container.

“After more than a decade of leading the industry in the development of wireless ocean floor nodes, we are delighted to launch our new Mariner product offering at the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy,” said Walter “Rick” Wheeler, President. and CEO of Geospatial Technologies. “It has been a tremendous reward to see our product engineers harness their specialized skills and experience to design and manufacture Mariner to be highly affordable, both in its initial cost and in savings over the life of ownership through a better logistics, operations, maintenance and repair.”

Like Geospace’s innovative GCL seismic system, Mariner has data upload and download functionality without a wireless connector. Additional Mariner features include an internal heading sensor and up to 32GB per channel solid-state flash memory. Mariner’s four-channel node utilizes all Geospace designed and manufactured sensor components, including three proprietary high-sensitivity triaxially configured GS-ONE geophones along with an MP-18 BH hydrophone. The integrated full resolution test generator offers users the added security of a fully functional logger capable of high fidelity data acquisition.

Mariner is fully compatible with Geospace Equipment Manager (GEM) 4.0 Unified Interface, a proprietary software package of GeoUtilities, GeoReaper and GeoMerge, which incorporates the power of distributive computing, allowing a single operator interface to handle scalable needs. collection and delivery of crew data of any size.

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