Hogwarts Legacy Game Collector’s Edition Revealed

Recently, an Australian retailer called EB Games leaked the contents of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Box. This appears to have been a complete accident, and we can imagine the developers weren’t too happy about it! However, Avalanche, the developers of the Hogwarts legacy gamehas confirmed that the leak is real. They also tweeted an unboxing video of the game and a Twitter post. The Collector’s Edition of the game will include all of the bonus content from the Deluxe Edition. Additionally, fans will receive magical robes and an exclusive Thestral-shaped mount. If that wasn’t enough, anyone who has purchased the Collector’s Edition gets access to the game 72 hours before it becomes available anywhere else. In addition to these features, console players will get a steel book version of the game.

Sadly, if you’re playing the Hogwarts legacy game on PC, you will only get a digital code to redeem. However, no matter what system you play on, the collector’s edition has more features. This includes a wand that floats through the power of ‘magic’, along with a tome for it. Finally, there is the game box, which is covered with the official logo of the game. That’s a lot of stuff!

Hogwarts Legacy game price

Although Avalanche has confirmed that the details of the Collector’s Edition are true, some fans are confused about the price. Originally, EB Games listed the Hogwarts legacy game Collector’s Edition for 500 Australian dollars. Converting this to US dollars works out to be around $350, or £300 if you’re in the UK. Needless to say, it’s a pretty high cost! However, Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood has said that won’t be the final price. He said that “that price is not correct in USD”. It’s not clear why the price would be markedly different. However, the game may be more expensive in Australia due to taxes.

Wood later stated on Twitter that the Collector’s Edition of the Hogwarts legacy game It would be $300. However, the game’s official account has not confirmed this price and they did not mention it in the unboxing video. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from commenting on the video to express their surprise. Some fans called it “embarrassing” while others said it was “ridiculous”. Naturally, its surprise at the price seems justified when you compare it to other games like Forbidden Horizon West either God of War. These weren’t that expensive!

In the words of one fan, “I’m not going to drop half the price of a PS5 just for a few things that will eventually end up gathering dust on my shelf.”

Harry Potter video game

Hogwarts Legacy Game Image: Steam

Thanks to Gamescom Opening Night, we saw a new trailer for the Hogwarts legacy game. We also discovered that the team pushed the game back to February 2023. They were originally aiming for a holiday 2022 release, but pushed it back for unknown reasons. Very soon you will be able to pre-order the deluxe versions of the game. Fans can pre-order these versions starting August 25 at 8am PT, 1pm ET and 4pm BST.

Apart from the Collector’s Edition, there is also the Digital Deluxe version of the Hogwarts legacy game. This is slightly cheaper at about $80 and includes the Dark Arts Pack. As part of this bundle, you’ll get Thestral Mount and a Dark Arts cosmetic set. There’s also a Dark Arts Battleground, an Onyx Hippogriff Mount, and a Dark Arts Garrison Hat. This edition also includes early access for 72 hours before anyone else.

However the Hogwarts legacy game The release comes on the back of much controversy. The author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has made some deeply transphobic statements that led many to speak out against her. Naturally, this affected the sales of the last fantastic beasts movie. We are yet to see how his statements will affect sales of the Hogwarts legacy game .

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