How to beat MechaRat on islets

This mechanical rodent can be difficult to fight if you don’t know the trick to defeat it.

Once you upgrade your ship in islets, you’ll find that entirely new swaths of the map are available to you: there are new sections of the sky to explore and entirely new islands to discover. However, to get there, you will have to face some bosses.

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MechaRat is one of these bosses. This long mechanical rodent is another one of those ship battles that seem to have crept into the game from bullet hell, and now that you have a weapon aboard your ship, you can fight back. Here’s how to beat it.

Mecha Rat attacks

MechaRat only has two attacks, but they are devious enough to be frustrating if you don’t know how to deal with them. One of these attacks will be used constantly, but the other attack will only be used once you put MechaRat into his rage phase.


Attack Description How to counter
rat beams MechaRat shoots out two rat heads with traces of mines behind them. Once the rat heads hit the walls of the arena, the mines will start to float sideways in a random pattern. Keep your distance from the boss’s head to avoid sudden ratheads, and try to keep your distance from any lines of mines.
rat bomb MechaRat creates a bomb that floats to the center of the stage. After a while, the bomb explodes into spiky projectiles that go flying in a straight line. This attack is designed to be a complication of his main attack mode, Rat Beams. Having to keep an eye on the projectile fan makes things a bit more chaotic – stick to the outer edge of the arena once the boss gets enraged.

How to beat MechaRat

MechaRat is a boss that playing ultra offensively will pay off.

  • MechaRat is only vulnerable in his head – if your bullets hit any other part of his body, they will ricochet without doing anything. Attempt maintain a line of sight to your head at all times.
  • You have to keep a lot of things in mind for this fight: Rat Beam mines, a clear path to the head, and then Rat Bomb projectiles once he rages. You really want this fight to end as soon as possible, so play offensively:
    • A good strategy is to wait for a Rat Beams attack and then get as close as you can to the boss’s head – your weapon will fire much, much faster when you’re close to your target, so staying close for a while will allow you to deal a lot of damage. Move away when you anticipate another Rat Beams attack..
    • Always keep the fire button pressed. There is never a reason not to fire.

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