How to beat the forgotten grave in the islets

This boss of the islets likes to hide underground – you’ll need to time your attacks well to defeat him.

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Sometimes, islets decides to give other characters a chance to shine, after all it’s not ‘The Iko Show’! This time, it’s GreyBird’s moment in the spotlight as our heroes take on the Forgotten Grave, a boss so terrifying that… ah, it turns out it’s ‘The Iko Show’ after all.

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This is an interesting and fun boss to fight. It’s a fight that requires patience and positioning more than offense and timing, as others do. You will have to keep up with Forgotten Grave and look for your damage windows with enthusiasm.

The Forgotten Tomb Attacks

The Forgotten Grave has a lot of attacks that revolve around diving into the ground and coming up to hurt you. You will have to choose your offensive moments carefully in this fight if you want to survive.

Attack Description How to counter
Immerse The tomb jumps into the air and then plunges underground, causing shockwaves to spread to both sides. Don’t be under the grave when it returns to the ground and jump to avoid the shockwaves.
angry dip This is the same as Submerge, but at the apex of the jump, the tomb will send out a spiraling wave of projectiles. As above, but make sure to avoid the projectiles emitted during the jump.
spear wall While the tomb is underground, summon a row of spears. They first protrude a bit from the ground, before shooting in a row to deal damage to you. Stand still between two spears to avoid all damage.
Arise The tomb emerges from underground. He will then spit out two projectiles, which cause shockwaves when they hit the ground. There are two sets of projectiles. While this is your best chance of dealing a lot of damage, be aware of projectiles and shockwaves. The first one is easy to dodge, jump on the second one.
emerge angry This is similar to Emerge, but instead of small projectiles, the grave summons spiky projectiles that shoot out in a straight line. Also, the floor is covered in spikes and eight white orbs will appear. The spikes start out harmless and then go off, similar to Spear Wall. You should try to use the white orbs (attacking) to stay off the ground and avoid the spiked floor while also trying to time your attacks and double jumps to avoid the projectiles. This is the most difficult attack in the fight.
raging wall of spears This attack is identical to Spear Wall, with the addition of the spiked floor that you may have seen in the Angered Emerge attack. Stay in one place between the spears as usual, but double jump without moving to the side to prevent him from going up the spiked floor.
raging barrage The grave emerges from the ground and fires two large volleys of projectiles into the air. Dodge rolling through projectiles as they hit the ground.
emerge enraged This is identical to Angered Emerge but lasts longer. The grave will fire three waves of projectiles instead of one. You’ll have to make much more use of the white orbs, conserving them so you don’t use them all up before the end of the attack.

How to beat the forgotten tomb

There is a certain rhythm to this fight that comes naturally as you experience it. Eventually, you will begin to notice the best times to attack.

  • In the first phase, the best time to go on the offensive is when the tombstone is the only thing sticking out of the ground. You can also make some shots during very slow jumps from the tomb in the air, especially if you have increased your rate of fire with upgrades.
  • In phase two, you have some fantastic opportunities to deal a ton of damage if you have the buff that increases your sword strike with a shock wave. When the grave is walking on the ground, use the sword strike shockwave – the boss will take multiple hits of damage, significantly reducing his health bar.
  • A good rule of thumb to remember in this fight is that you almost will never I need to use the dodge roll. Thanks to the significant amount of moving parts in the fight, using the dodge roll is more likely to get you into trouble. Instead, focus on your positioning and platforms. This is most obvious when it comes to the spear wall attacks: you just have to stay in one place to avoid the spears.
  • It’s common to think that you should go more on the offensive when you enter the second phase of the fight, but this is something of a cheat: the fight becomes much more chaotic at this point, and you should be waiting for the opportune times to attack. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer unnecessary damage.

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