How to beat the swamp frog on the islets

You have a partner for this islets boss fight… unfortunately, he’s useless. We show you how to kill the swamp frog yourself.

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You may think you’re in for a surprising twist when islets He hands you a companion you can take on a boss with, but Snoot turns out to be a huge disappointment. Instead of contributing to anything, Snoot will simply follow your movement exactly, will not launch any attacks, and will never attempt to attack the boss.

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Don’t worry though, because Swamp Frog isn’t too tough and has more than enough tools to take it down. This fight tests how well you can dodge the roll, so we hope you’ve mastered that trick by now!

Swamp frog attacks

Swamp Frog is a stationary boss, so all of his attacks are pretty predictable. The problem comes when he starts weaving them together, something the boss will do more of during his second phase.

Attack Description How to counter
stalactite drop The narrow pillars will hang from the ceiling for a few moments before falling to the ground. If they hit you, you’ll take damage, and when they hit the ground, they’ll explode in a small hail of projectiles. The pillars fall in succession. This is hard to dodge as the projectile rains down so fast. A good trick is to try to use a sword strike attack as a rain will explode near you as that attack gives you a small period of invincibility and it will also damage the boss.
swamp frog statue After a stream of exclamation marks fills the center of the arena, a large statue will fall. This will start to chase you, moving from side to side. He will make around four passes towards you. you will have to dodge through this attack, not far from him. If you dodge in the same direction as the statue’s movement, you will certainly be caught by the attack.
spear trap Swamp Frog goes underground for a few moments and begins to summon wooden sticks with skulls on the end. They will start shooting sideways in succession. As with the statue attack, you will need to dodge these spears. After dodging, take a few steps in the opposite direction before dodging again to make sure you have enough room to dodge successive spears.
Swarm A swarm of spiral flies break free from Swamp Frog. use this attack during other attacks to try to trip you up. It is difficult to predict when this attack will appear, as there is hardly any time to react to it. If you see the red glow of the flies, try moving to the side of the stage if it’s safe to do so. This can be extremely difficult if used during an attack where you need to constantly dodge roll in one direction, like Spear Trap.
bubble rain Swamp Frog releases a cloud of bubbles into the air that slowly drift towards the ground. Dodge and zigzag through the cloud of bubbles, or use this attack to stand inside Swamp Frog’s hitbox and continue to attack upwards. If they hit the bubbles, they will send them slightly into the air, keeping you safe while attacking the boss.

How to beat the swamp frog

As a stationary boss, Swamp Frog is quite susceptible to certain strategies.

  • smashing the attack button is a surprisingly viable option in this fight, as Swamp Frog rarely moves, and when he does, it’s to use an attack that requires moving away anyway. Stay close and only move when absolutely necessary.
  • If you have purchased many upgrades to your sword strike attack, using that will be a fantastic way to shorten the fight. The shockwaves will deal massive damage, and you can even benefit from the small period of invincibility that the attack brings.
  • Take special note of the fact that you can knock down the rain of bubbles with your sword. This can keep you safe, especially if you use it to launch them into the air while attacking the boss.
  • The swamp frog doesn’t have much health, so persistent attacks during periods when that is possible they are the way to go.
  • As previously mentioned, this fight is ultimately a test of your ability to dodge roll, thanks to how much you’ll need to use that technique to counter Statue and Spear Trap attacks. Also, the Swarm attack will complicate things, and the Bubble Rain technique will also stick around a lot in the second phase of the fight. If you managed to get this far in the game without learning and mastering dodge, you might have more trouble during this fight, but it’s a great place to learn!

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