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Weather dislyte It’s all about the thrill of drawing those epic Legendary Espers, even the best of them aren’t much use without a powerful team to back them up. There are a myriad of different boss battles and stories to play through, and each one will require a different team if you want to succeed.

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Dislyte divides its heroes into four categories: Fighters, Defenders, Supports, and Controllers. You’ll need to learn how best to use each of these roles as you assemble your teams, because it’s how they fit together as a cohesive squad that will decide the ultimate outcome of each battle.


Basic principles of the game squad

Early in the game, you simply want to make the most of the resources you have at hand. Try to create a well-balanced team consisting of at least two DPS (fighter) espers and a healer. The other two units can be variable, but it is recommended to have two more support units that will improve or weaken your or the enemy’s stats.

Wait DPS

Dislyte sets you up nicely with two of the following three Wait DPS early in the game: Li Ling or Tang Xuan, plus Mona. You’ll want to get your Legendary up to level 60 as soon as possible, while a lot of players also push Mona to max level, or at least level 50. This combination of fighters ensures you can pull off attacks that hit all enemies (AoE ), as well as powerful single-target attacks. They also have self-healing or protection, which takes some pressure off your healer.

the healers

Weather you are not guaranteed a good early game healer, Your first ten pulls of the Echo are likely to reward you with the basic three-star Esper chang pu. She’s a very solid healer that can support you through all of the early to mid-game content, and is well worth taking up to level 60. She has group and solo heals and can cast Immunity on your entire squad, which block the disadvantages. .

If you don’t get Chang Pu, you may have to rely on a combination of Berenice, Lauren, and Helena. Neither of them are great healers or protectors on their own, but two combined should keep your team alive. Berenice It’s also useful in squads when facing the Fafnir boss, even at high levels, making it a solid choice to invest in early on.

espers of support

The support espers you use will depend on your playstyle., so you have to experiment to find your own rhythm. However, dabbling in SPD and AP manipulation is recommended, as these become crucial beyond the mid-game experience point. As long as you join a Club early, you can use your Club Points to guarantee getting a solid three-star Driver in Melanie. This is the best way to guarantee an esper that can manipulate the speed at which espers act in battle early in the game.

The other esper you get early is Brynn. She does solid damage and has some nice early game buffs, but she doesn’t scale well as she levels up, and you won’t see her on high-tier teams. It is much better to spend some time on the chat channels of the world, searching for Ripple Dimensions to Ye Suhua and Dhalia. Both will still be with you in the endgame content, and like Melanie, you don’t need to rely on random pulls to get them. Same goes for gabrielawhich requires a little more work, but is guaranteed through Esper Fusion in the War Room.


Update your relics frequently and make sure you have matching sets to claim their bonuses. Always look for SPD as the main bonus in Mui II slot, as it is the only slot where this important stat can get a big boost. But otherwise, experiment and play to your strengths. Remember that the Strategy tab for each Esper shows you what most other players use in those relic slots.

Advanced team building tactics


Unfortunately, the only real tank esper options early in the game are Li Ao and Bardon, neither of whom inspire confidence. However, you should be able to boost early and mid game content without needing them. Later though, if you’re lucky, slower sustained battles are a genuine option.

Donar, Ren Si, and Hyde are Defender Espers that you can team up with.. Both Donar and Ren Si see their damage output increased more by their DEF than ATK, making them perfect brick walls if you arm them with the right relics and have support espers on the team that can keep them clear of debuffs. .

Speed, late game and PvP

You won’t need to spend much time in the points war before you start noticing the high percentage of teams that have a speed-boosting captain. There aren’t many espers that have this captain ability, and the most common one you’ll see is Long Mian (20 percent), Ollie and Tiye (both 25 percent). In addition to improving SPD for your entire team, each of these Espers has a potentially devastating first attack that can end the battle before it begins. Very often, the victor comes down to who acts first, even if it looks like you have a stronger team on paper.

Ollie taunts an Esper, causing them to attack it with a basic attack on their next turn, while he also becomes invincible, thus dealing no damage. Long Mian hits all enemies with a high chance to freeze them, while Tiye steals AP from all enemies and distributes them among his own team.

You will also often find the Controller clear in PvP squads at the end of the game. He offers strong passive heals and a squad-wide AP buff that, tied to one of the espers above, can put opponents in big trouble before they’ve even acted. Eira and Unas They’re also popular support options here, trading heals for even more SPD and AP manipulation along with Dispels and Immunity, to keep their team clean. What you think you’ll lose in damage output from losing buffers is irrelevant if your opponent can never act fast enough to attack you.

double service

As you start collecting more four and five star espers, what you are looking for are combinations meaning that a single esper can replace two others for a particular role, or two can replace three. This allows you to ‘cheat’ the system and gain an advantage.

As mentioned above, if you can take down most of the opposition teams before they can act, you don’t need a dedicated healer in your squad, giving you some extra room to get more DPS or support. Similarly, if all members of your squad can heal themselves, either through abilities or relics, the same additional spot opens up.

But the real beauty of Dislyte is that a team that might be perfect for one battle might be completely useless in another. You need to consider item pairings (especially in boss battles) as well as the strengths you need to overcome for the specific enemy. If a particular type of esper isn’t really necessary, don’t save it for the sake of it. Make the team that suits the situation every time.

Dislyte Team Builds for specific bosses

Whether you’re struggling to defeat particular mobs in Sonic Ritual and Ritual Miracle, or making your way through the Space Tower, we’ve got guides to help you build your team for these specific situations:

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