How to claim Twitch rewards in No Man’s Sky

no man’s sky has had something of a quiet renaissance. Due to numerous updates and a dedicated team, the game is now closer than originally promised. This has led to many more people willing to give it a second chance, with Hello Games making sure to reward these players with regular Twitch drops.

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Major updates are often accompanied by a collection of Twitch Drops. The items you can earn are usually rare, or even unique, and are only available at launch. It’s best to prepare for them before they happen, so you don’t miss out on any exclusive loot!


Connecting your Twitch account and the platform of your choice

The first step to collect your Twitch Drops is connect your Twitch account to No Man’s Sky. You does not require Twitch Prime to be eligible for these drops, for anyone to take advantage of. go to the No Man’s Sky Twitch Drops page and click Start to be taken directly to the link page.

Sign in with your Twitch account and authorize access for No Man’s Sky on your Twitch account. You will then need to connect your console or launcher, be it PlayStation, Xbox or Steam. you can even connect the three if you love No Man’s Sky enough to play them all!

Once you’ve linked all the accounts you want to receive rewards on, you’re ready for the next step.

Watch streams to collect your rewards

To collect the exclusive Twitch Drops, you will need to watch an eligible broadcast. You can find them by looking at the No Man’s Sky Twitch Directory and looking for streams with the tag drops enabled.

All you need to do now is sit back and enjoy the contentenough to pass the drop milestones. The drops usually start within 15 minutes. for things like stickers, and you can go up to three hours for rewards like ships or multi-tools.

But don’t worry, you you won’t lose your progress on longer milestones if you leave a stream, simply return to an eligible stream and pick up where you left off.

Before you think you will cheat the system watching multiple streams at the same time, this will not work as you will only be eligible for deliveries on one stream at a time.

Collecting your rewards in the game

Your rewards must be accessible as soon as you have received the notification from Twitch. So all you need to do is Head to the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in the Space Anomaly.

A summon space anomaly you will have to have established its first planetary base and so travel back to space. If you were already connected to the game, make sure log out and back inso the rewards are accessible.

All that’s left to do now is enjoy the game and stay tuned for future updates and more opportunities for new and exclusive gear!

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