How to create a poll in Slack

One way to get your team to interact while sharing their thoughts at the same time is with a survey. In Slack, you have a few ways to create a poll to get feedback.

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, seeking feedback, or wanting general consensus, a Slack poll is ideal if you already use the app for team communication. You can create a basic survey without additional tools, or opt for a Slack app made especially for surveys. Let’s take a look so you can choose the best option for you.

Create a basic Slack poll

While there is currently no built-in Slack feature for polls, setting up a basic one in Slack can take just a few minutes. You can use emoji with the answer options. Your respondents then simply react to your message with the emoji corresponding to their response.

Step 1: Go to the message field in the channel or conversation where you want to post the poll.

Step 2: Write your question. For our example, we’ll use, “When do you feel most productive?”

Then scroll down to the next line by holding down Change while you press Get into either Return.

Poll question in the Slack message field.

Step 3: Enter the first answer option with an emoji as a voting tool. For example, you can type “:sunrise: to vote for Morning”.

First poll answer option in the Slack message field.

Step 4: Scroll down to the next line and enter the second answer option using your emoji as the voting tool. Do the same for each answer option you want for your survey.

Step 5: When finished, your survey may look something like the screenshot below. press the Send button to publish your survey.

Basic poll configured in the Slack message field.

Step 6: As each respondent reacts with their vote emoji, you’ll see the number of votes each answer option receives for your survey.

Survey responses with emojis in Slack.

Use the Simple Poll Slack app

Simple Poll is a Slack app designed for polls and surveys that makes the process of creating a poll easy. You can use a template or make a survey from scratch. For this tutorial, we’ll use a handy template.

Step 1: To use a template, choose simple survey in the Applications section to the left of Slack.

Step 2: To choose Center Y template surveys in the two drop-down lists at the top right.

Step 3: When you see a template you want to use, select Create this survey.

Simple survey templates in Slack.

Step 4: You can then edit the template’s question and answer options, make responses anonymous, allow others’ choices, limit the number of votes per person, or schedule the poll for a later time. You can also choose the channel to publish the survey.

After you finish customizing the template, select Advance to see exactly that.

Simple survey template customization options.

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the survey, select Create survey. Otherwise, use the behind to return to the editing window and make additional changes.

Simple survey preview in Slack.

Step 6: Team members can vote for an answer by selecting the button to the right. Everyone can see the survey results as they enter. You will see check marks next to your chosen answers and the number of votes next to each one.

Live polling with Simple Poll in Slack.

Step 7: If you want to make a change to the survey, close it, delete it or create a new one, simply select the Three points at the top right of the survey and choose an action.

you can also choose Manage survey to adjust current survey settings, have it repeat, or receive results as a CSV file.

Actions for a simple Slack poll.

Step 8: You can use Simple Poll for free for up to 100 responses per month or check out the pricing plans for more features and responses.

If you’re interested in similar polling apps, you might want to check out Polly, Poll App, or Poll Everywhere for Slack.

Creating a poll in Slack doesn’t have to be time consuming. With our instructions, you can set up a survey for your team in minutes.

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