How to defeat dying Drakina in Fallen Legion Revenants

Drakina has been the center of Revenants of the Fallen Legion fourth chapter, and she has been a formidable enemy. Her previous two fights have been the highlights of the game so far, and this final fight is no less satisfying, even if it’s arguably the easiest of the bunch once you understand the new tricks Drakina has up her sleeve now. torn.

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Drakina’s final form is much like her other forms. Her attacks mostly remain the same, though there have been a few minor alterations here and there to her established core. Unsurprisingly, she also has some new attacks to add to her already formidable list. However, she has gained a new weakness, and it is one that we are absolutely going to exploit to win easily.


Drakina’s attacks

Drakina is almost the same. He has all the attacks from his previous encounters, which we won’t cover here because you’ve already faced them twice. Instead, we’ll cover what’s changed, what’s new, and how to deal with both..

Attack Explanation Worktop
three hit combo Drakina jumps into the party and unleashes a three hit combo. This attack is just as weird as it was in his previous encounters, however, he now has a third overhead strike to confuse you. This is easily stopped once the timer runs out. If you have parried all three attacks, you can counterattack for additional BP damage.
twilight salvation This is a great new addition to this fight. Twilight Salvation is an immensely powerful ranged sword wave that deals incredible damage to any Exemplar hit. This attack can be parried, however timing can be a bit tricky as the Perfect Parry window is quite tight. However, we found that if you hit the Block button when the wave hit the tile before your Exemplars tile, you would get the Perfect Parry 100% of the time. When she lands, Twilight Salvation will reflect off of Drakina and instantly break her, allowing her to do a Rushdown attack.

Drakina Mechanics

Drakina’s only new mechanic is the aforementioned Twilight Salvation.. This is by far the best way to defeat Drakina, but it requires very precise timing to pull off. However, if you do manage to do so, it will open up Drakina to insane amounts of damage on a regular basis.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that Drakina will reflect this attack from phase two onwards. This will force you to Perfect stop for the second time if you want to land instant rest. Not only that, but in phase three, she will reflect it a second timewhich means you need to land three consecutive perfect stops.

Just to add an extra layer of challenge, whenever Twilight Salvation is juggled between your group and Drakina, the wave moves fastertesting your reflexes even more.

What copies to use

in this fight, exact copies are not so important. So fighting is basically tennis with God, and any Exemplar can pull it off. it all depends on your reflexes. However, we would consider putting your most tanky Exemplar up front and then two ranged Exemplars behind. This is because Drakina is very unfriendly to melee attackers, as many of her attacks can catch that type of Exemplar off guard..

This way you can stack your non-AOE damage on the chin and generate reliable DPS from safety. Try and use Mana Chains to build up your Mana faster too.

battle strategy

The strategy is really simple for this one. You just have to use everything you learned in the previous fight; for the most part, his attacks haven’t changed. When it comes to Twilight Salvation, you have to learn the tenses if you want to be successful.. Drakina will use this attack 3-4 times in a row if you can’t land the Perfect Parry, and that will drain your HP and Mana very quickly. Because of this, Drakina is one of the easiest bosses in the game or one of the most difficult..

Don’t forget that Drakina has access to the Resistance buffs. Always spend mana to push her off these tiles so you can maximize your damage. This fight may be cosmic tennis, but you still want to kill her as quickly as possible.

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