How to end an annoying conversation without being rude

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An underestimated obstacle to the chat the struggle is not how to keep the conversation alive, but how to let it die gracefully. Maybe the other person mentioned the 2016 election. Or the podcast they’re thinking of starting. Or divorce her. No matter what happens, you are desperately looking for an exit sign so you can move on and talk to someone else. any plus.

Whether someone doesn’t realize how much they’re monopolizing your time, or the conversation has naturally run out of steam and you need to put yourself out of your misery, we often need to find a way to escape conversations without being rude. Especially when the other person means well, you want to avoid her feelings and find an outlet that doesn’t leave her feeling unappreciated. Here are some discreet ways to signal that a conversation has reached its natural conclusion without offending the other person.

How to end a conversation gracefully

Before resorting to faking a family emergency, try a few more subtle conversational maneuvers.

  • Start planning the next time you see them. This is a clear sign that while you hope to see them again, this current conversation has run its course. Say something like, “It was great talking to you, I have to go now but we should have coffee soon!The obvious risk here is that if you really don’t want to see this person again, maybe you shouldn’t come up with plans to meet with them.
  • Ask to connect on social media. Asking for contact information is another clear sign that an interaction has come to an end. Similar to the above, you can simultaneously end a conversation while telling the other person that you want to reconnect in the future.
  • Transfer responsibility to the other person. Try to make it sound like you’d love to keep talking, but you’re honoring their weather. For example, you could say “I know you have to talk to so many people here.,” either “Well, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing…“Make sure you make your exit quickly, before they have a chance to insist that they keep talking.
  • Find a sacrifice. One way to escape from a talkative person is to find someone to take their place. Introduce the person to someone you know walking and then leave it. Even if you stay physically, you’ll be able to step back while your friend handles most of the conversational tasks.

If niceties don’t work…

Sometimes you are stuck with someone who is more awkward or annoying than you. In this case, it’s time to pull out all the stops.

  • Simulate a bathroom emergency. It is not enough to say that you need to use the bathroom, because the other person could join you to continue the conversation in the cubicles. Instead, he must sell the story that whatever he does in the bathroom, he must be alone. Is an emergency.
  • Lying (within reason). I hate lying, but I hate confrontation even more. This is when you fake a text message saying that your child is sick or that your family urgently needs you. Faking a family emergency often feels too extreme for me, which is why I like to go with a lot more bum,”my roommate needs me.” If you don’t have a roommate, “partner” or “friend” works fine.
  • Do to them wants to get out of the conversation. Flip the script and have the other person try to run away from you. Start talking about how flat you think the Earth is, or how crazy it is that some people actually believe birds are real. Do whatever it takes.

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