How to factory reset Google Nest or Home speakers or displays

Google’s Nest speakers are a great choice for smart speakers thanks to their ease of use and seamless integration with other smart devices. With the Google Assistant, controlling your smart home and connecting with your Android phone is a piece of cake.

However, there may be cases where your Nest or Google Home speakers and displays require a reset to their original settings. This might be necessary when you want to erase your personal information before selling them or moving them to a new location with a different Wi-Fi network. Although the process is simple, the steps may differ depending on the device. Read on for more information on how to reset your speakers.


You can’t use your voice or the Google Home app to reset your Nest speaker.

Restart the Google Nest speaker

If your Google Nest speaker isn’t responding or doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, restart it. Resetting your Nest speaker should be the last trick to fix the problem. You can unplug the Nest speaker from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes, and plug it back in. If the trick doesn’t work, continue reading to factory reset Google Nest.

How to factory reset Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini speakers have a slightly more complex approach to resetting than simply pressing a button. Still, the process is still relatively easy and only takes a minute.

  1. Turn off the speaker microphone, ensuring that the process is not inadvertently completed. On Nest Audio, the microphone mute button is on the back of the speaker.
    Close-up showing the mute switch on the Google Nest Audio speaker
  2. The microphone off switch is on the side of the Nest Mini.
    Close-up showing the mute switch and power port of the Google Nest Mini speaker
  3. The speaker LED lights turn orange, confirming that the microphone is turned off.
  4. Hold down the button center either above from the speaker for 15 seconds.
  5. Your speaker confirms that it is about to reboot.
  6. Release the button after 15-20 seconds and wait for the speaker to reboot.

How to factory reset Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max

If you have a Google Home speaker, the factory reset process involves holding down a button and cannot be done using the Google Home app. This applies to the original Google Home and first-generation Google Home Mini smart speakers. If you’re not sure which one you have, look for a small factory reset button under the Google Home Mini. If there is one, that’s the one you want to press. If there isn’t one, you probably have a 2nd generation Google Nest Mini.

  1. Hold down the button physical button on your speaker for 15 seconds. This is the microphone mute button on Google Home, located on the back of the speaker.
    The back of a first generation Google Home speaker showing the microphone off button
  2. For Google Home Mini, the factory reset button is located under the device.
    The bottom of a Google Home Mini speaker showing its power cord and reset button
  3. For Google Home Max, the button is on the back, on the lower right corner, next to the power cord.
    The back of a Google Home Max speaker showing the microphone reset and off buttons
  4. Your speaker alerts you that it is starting the factory reset process.
  5. Release the button after 15-20 seconds and wait for the speaker to reboot.

How to factory reset Google Nest Hub

Nest smart displays can also be reset using a process similar to the one described above. The process is the same regardless of the generation of your Nest Hub.

  1. press and hold both volume buttons for 15 seconds. They are located on the back of your smart display.
  2. Your smart screen confirms that the factory reset process is about to begin.
  3. Release the buttons after 15-20 seconds and wait for the smart display to reboot.

How to factory reset Google Nest Hub Max

Before you reset Google Nest Hub Max, save any essential video sources from your smart speaker’s video history. Google also recommends removing the Nest Hub Max from the Google Home app before proceeding with a factory reset.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone and select the device tile.
  2. Tap on the setup gear on top.

  3. Remove the device from the next menu.

  4. Flip your Nest Hub Max over. hold both volume buttons for about 10 seconds. Your Nest Hub Max alerts you when it’s restarting.

What happens when you restart your Google Nest speaker

When you reset your Google Nest speaker, it erases all data and goes back to the settings it shipped with. You need to set up the Nest speaker again in the Google Home app. It’s one of the proven tricks to fix minor annoyances with your Nest smart speaker.

Sell ​​or trade your Google Home

Regardless of the type of device you have, these steps make it easy to sell your speaker or start from scratch and set up your smart device like new. You can also use platforms like Facebook Marketplace to sell your smart speaker.