How to Get Rid of Crab Grass Without Harming Your Lawn

This time of year, crabgrass rears its ugly head in countless gardens. That’s why so many of us are frantically Googling how to get rid of crabgrass right now. Crabgrass essential looks like a patch of unkempt grass, with leaves that spread out in different directions to resemble a crab. It is an annual weed that can be quite a problem to remove from lawns and patios alike, as can Lion teeth.

These plants will not only survive, but will flourish in hot, dry weather, making them a nuisance despite heat waves. Add to that, crabgrass is bad news for your lawn – it will weaken and limit the nutrients your lawn receives, leading to stunted growth. Also, if left unchecked, crabgrass will spread its seed before it finally dies in the fall, so you could end up with the same problem next year. Don’t worry though: here we’ll walk you through how to get rid of crabgrass step by step, while keeping your precious lawn unscathed.

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