How to get the Ember pants in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Ember pants in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom it can be a useful piece of armor for warmer climates. If you’re fighting in the Gerudo desert Or are they finding their way through the fire temple, these pants can give you a nice damage boost. Also, if you care how Link looks, they have a really cool fire design on the legs. This is where to find the Ember pants at Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Ember pants in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Ember Trouser location in Tears of the Kingdom

Image via: Nintendo via The Nerd Stash

To get the Ember pants on Tears of the KingdomYou will want to go to Lake Cephla. This is in the Akkala region in the northeast part of Hyrule. On the west side of the lake are the Kisinona Shrine and a couple of men sitting outside a cave near the coordinates: 2591, 1332, 0153. She talks to them to start the side quest, “Misko’s Cave of Chests”.

The men will say that they are having trouble finding treasure in the cave. There are plenty of treasure chests, but almost all of them are filled with a single green rupee. If only they had a dog’s nose to find the royal treasure.

Lucky for you, they have a dog hanging out near their tent. Approach the dog and feed him some raw meat or fruit. After having eaten four foods, the dog will start walking towards the cave. Follow it and don’t worry; There are no enemies here.


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How to Complete Misko’s Chest Cave

Follow the dog to the Cephla Lake cave until it finally lies down and points to a particular chest. Using Ultrahand, pry the chest out of the ground and open it to get your new Ember pants. Also, a note in a bottle inside will give you the side quest Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity to hunt down the powerful. Fierce Deity Armor and Fierce Deity Sword. Now that you know where to find the Ember Pants, you can go looking for those items.

Misko's Cave of Chests search for the location of the Ember Trouser treasure chest in Tears of the Kingdom

Image via: Nintendo via The Nerd Stash

The Ember Pants are most practical when worn in high-temperature environments while exploring. Tears of the Kingdom. When the heat is extreme, a fire design will be present on the legs. Those fiery markings mean that you currently have an attack damage increase known as Hot Weather Attack Buff.

With that in mind, we recommend wearing the Ember pants in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in the Gerudo desert during the day. Unfortunately, they don’t have heat resistance, so you’ll need to drink an elixir or have other clothing to prevent sun damage.