How to get the Season of the Deep Exotic Scout Rifle

Sometimes the best part of a content update is the weapons. destiny 2 has just started its Season of the Deep, a sea-themed season for its light fall expansion. Now, as we enter the second week of this season, destiny 2 is introducing a new seasonal activity called Deep Dives that comes with unique rewards. One of these rewards is the Wicked Implement, a new exotic scout rifle. Since arriving in the game with the weekly reset on May 30, this sunken treasure is one of the most coveted at the moment.

Wicked Implement’s energy type is Stasis, Darkness’ icy riff introduced in beyond the light. Here’s everything you might want to know about it, and how to claim it from the depths below.

destiny 2 Evil Implement Perks and Details

The Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle is a new Stasis Scout Rifle that was released during the Season of the Deep. Like many other Stasis weapons, its abilities involve slow targets.

Bungie does not yet have the publicly listed perks for Wicked Implement. However, several content creators were able to confirm at least some of the perks on their end or back up the most relevant leaks about how the new scout rifle would fit into the current meta.

According to Redrix, one of these perks is the ability to slow down and freeze enemies when you headshot your rifle. According respawn firstspecific benefits include the following:

  • Exotic Intrinsic Perk: Scaling Attrition: Quick Landing Precision Hits cause targets to become slower.
  • Exotic Traits: Precision final blows while scaling attrition is active create a shard of stasis that returns to you. Collecting Stasis Shards reloads the magazine.
  • Exotic Catalyst: The collection of Stasis fragments gradually overflows the magazine.

How to get an evil implement in destiny 2

Wicked Implement has multiple abilities that have not been officially confirmed.


There is a triumph within destiny 2 database called Wicked Depths which spills the beans here: “Complete the Whetstone encounter in Deep Dives and earn the Wicked Implement Scout Rifle.” Granted, this is a Week 10 challenge, so players may not be able to earn Evil Implement until July 25, which is when Week 10 kicks in with the weekly reset.

It’s unclear exactly what the encounter with Whetstone entails, but it likely involves diving deeper into the ocean and destroying Taken Blights while imbued with the power of Sloan’s friendly alien whale Ahsa.

Deep Dives just launched in Week 2, and we already know the “depth” levels of Midnight and Abyss. So it seems likely that the Guardians will dive deeper and deeper each week until they finally get to meet Whetstone.

How to complete deep dives in destiny 2

The Deep Dives seasonal activity is just what it sounds like. In Season of the Deep, players participate in seasonal challenges called Deep Dives to earn rewards. Spending a Deep Dive Key at the end of a run grants additional rewards. It’s a three-person matchmaking activity, so you can start it with a full Fireteam or do it solo.

Each run gives you a limited amount of time to descend through sunken shipwrecks and other deep-ocean areas and facilities. The goal is to extract magical materials that allow Sloan to strengthen his telepathic link with Ahsa, the mysterious whale creature that resides in Titan’s methane ocean. Usually this process involves fighting many Taken and destroying Taken Blights before landing at the bottom of the ocean and fighting some sort of boss. And it’s time limited, so different encounters will probably unlock as time goes on this season.

We will update this post with more significant details associated with the Wicked Implement quest.

Please note that you will not be able to participate in Season of the Deep unless you purchase a light fall Dungeon Key for 2000 Silver or the Destiny 2: Fall of Light annual expansion pack for a full year of content. In that case, Wicked Implement is not In fact free but still

Destiny 2: Fall of Light Season of the Deep runs from May 23 to August 22.