How to make money fast in Saints Row

One resource players will constantly need in Saints Row is money, and knowing how to earn cash quickly can be challenging.

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  • The best ways to earn fast money in Saints Row

Cash is the central currency of row of saints that players must earn to buy weapons, clothing, and property in Santo Ileso. Money may not be much of an issue during the early stages of the game. However, as Boss’s protagonist’s Empire grows, they will realize that his organization largely revolves around Cash. For example, a fancy coat for the Boss might be $10,000 and a handy automatic rifle might be priced at $30,000 or more. After players enter Business Ventures for their Empire, properties can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Now that the importance of money has been established, the next question for gamers is how to make quick cash on row of saints. Of course, the game offers great compensation for completing the main quests and side challenges, but these activities generally provide more experience than monetary value. Also, while having a powerful Boss is essential, having a rich Boss is just as crucial. Consequently, understand how to make money fast on row of saints It is certainly a worthwhile effort.

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One of the first and most natural ways to earn quick cash is through the aforementioned Business Ventures in the row of saints restart. According to YouTube Creator ITZ-JIMBO, players can unlock this feature as they expand their Empire. As players gain access to new properties to purchase, they can unlock more side activities. Completing quest chains tied to property locations will earn players a large reward, including passive income, which can be viewed through the Cash app on the in-game phone. While the winnings players start out with aren’t too extraordinary, their cash account will gradually increase as they invest more time, effort, and money into Business Ventures of Santo Ileso.

The best ways to earn fast money in Saints Row

On the other hand, an efficient and more exploitative source of fast Cash in row of saints is Reviews. Checks can be made via portable “@TCHA” signs posted outside of City businesses. If players walk up to them and leave a bad review, the faction members who own the business will come and attack the player.

row of saints YouTube channel gameplay footage cloud gaming shows that fans can drive their cars while taking down enemies to take out the assault in minutes. Completing this activity usually rewards players with $10,000, a huge sum compared to the effort put forth. Therefore, players can repeat this activity as often as possible to earn quick money on row of saints.

Source: Cloud Gaming | ITZ-JIMBO

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    After nearly a decade, Volition’s classic open world game returns as Saints Row. This fifth entry acts as a soft reboot set in Santo Ileso, a fictional city inspired by Las Vegas, Nevada. A crime-ridden empire, Santo Ileso is inhabited by three gangs, Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall Defense Industries. When the player, a former MDI member, becomes dissatisfied with the way things are run in the city, he will team up with three other associates from the other factions who have also become disillusioned with the world view of the employer. of the. Together, this group of four will build their gang, the Saints, the way they dream it to be. Once again, players will be able to fully customize their character to their liking and tackle the city however they want as they progress through story-driven missions. From cars to VTOL, all the basic vehicular options from Saints Row also return, as well as the third-person shooter gameplay used in the first four entries. Saints Row opens on August 23, 2022.

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