How To Prevent Netflix Shows From Being Canceled Revealed By Scriptwriter

Writer-producer Michael Green, who has an overall deal with Netflix, shares some candid advice on how to prevent new shows from being cancelled.

Writer and producer Michael Green shares some candid tips on how to save Netflix shows being cancelled. far from the time when house of cards Y orange is the new black dominated the streaming service, Netflix has moved to a strategy of releasing multiple new movies and shows in a given month. This approach has led to several series having short lifespans, being canceled after only a few seasons, or in some cases not even lasting a few weeks. Recent cancellations of demonic resident Y cowboy bebopafter just one season, it serves as high-profile examples of Netflix’s tendency to end a story early in its run.


But as subscribers are well aware, there have been plenty of controversial instances where a fan-favorite series has been canceled by Netflix. These decisions are made more contentious by the fact that it doesn’t openly share its audience outside of a generalized ranking of what subscribers currently enjoy. This can make it hard for viewers to understand what else they can do to save a show they’re passionate about.

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Green, who signed an overall deal with Netflix in 2020, and whose credits include co-writing Logan, alien:covenant, Y blade runner 2049, offered some candid advice on how to save new Netflix series. In a Twitter thread, among other tips and key facts, Green he emphasized the importance of allowing a series to be fully replayed when it is first released. He explained that even if the show is playing in the background, it’s important for Netflix’s data to record that a new show has been watched all the time while it’s still relatively close to its premiere date.

Green pointed out that instead of savoring a Netflix drama or comedy and saving it for a later date, it’s important that Netflix data track views within the first 28 days. The writer-producer says that while he loves the creative freedom of working at Netflix, it’s true that his way of collecting data still doesn’t account for a show that’s enjoyed over an extended period of time. This is tracked with broadcaster press releases, which often highlight how often a show has been viewed in the first 28 days or offer a prediction of how many subscribers will watch a show within that time period. Green’s thread reinforces and clarifies why benchmarking is so vital for new titles.

It’s worth noting that while these tips shed light on some of the platform’s processes, they wouldn’t solve the cancellation issue entirely. Different shows have different budgets, cater to different audiences, and probably have different goals as to what their success really means. And on a connected front, creators have complained about how Netflix he was unable to properly market his series and limited the scope of the potential audience. Still, it’s worth letting a show play from start to finish the next time you’re worried about the fate of your favorite show.

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