How to Quickly Download YouTube Shorts on Computer and Phone

How to Quickly Download YouTube Shorts on Computer and Phone

So there is a lot of overlap between TikTok videos and YouTube shorts. The videos are short and in vertical format, so they are concise and practical. There should be no more than 60 seconds. Square or vertical shapes are required. Playback issues will occur with videos longer than 60 seconds or presented horizontally. YouTube videos often don’t have this level of interactivity or material. These require almost no work from your readers. While they are on the run, they can control them more easily and eat them. Although originally designed with mobile devices in mind, the shorts can now be viewed on any device with an internet connection.

You also don’t need to have any previous writing or publishing experience to get started with Shorts. You can start this on a new channel immediately. As a result, we’ll start by looking at the differences between the traditional YouTube format and YouTube Shorts, both in terms of viewing and publishing.

How to Quickly Download YouTube Shorts on Computer

These days, most of the Western world treats YouTube shorts the same way they would treat other videos. The word “shorts” was added to the end of the sentence. If you need more information, I’ve put together a video explaining everything about YouTube Shorts. Instead, let’s go to the media library and find a YouTube clip that you can save offline. On the contrary, I have recently completed this one. Then after the three arrows appear, click Download. What you are seeing is the YouTube-optimized version of the video. Now that you have a copy, you can upload it to whatever platform you like, including Reel and TikTok.

How to Quickly Download YouTube Shorts on a Phone

Remember that you will need to search for the appropriate video on YouTube. Watch some videos. In my case, I look down and select “East”. You can see that it was uploaded the same way as any other video. The little arrow here says “Download,” and when you tap on it, the file will be saved to your mobile device. Although most of the available settings only allow WiFi, you can change that to include mobile data if needed. In either case, it will save the information to your phone, where you can access and use it as you see fit. Put it on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok for others to see and enjoy. The same can be said for movies and TV shows.

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