How to save images from Google Maps

Google Maps provides users with accurate and detailed maps and images, allowing them to explore the world at their fingertips. In addition to viewing locations on the map, users can view images taken by those who have been there.

Have you ever found an image that you wanted to save but couldn’t? The inability to right-click images is one of the limitations of Google Maps, and saving one can seem impossible. But there are ways around this limitation, allowing you to save any image to Google Maps.

1. Report a problem

Open Google Maps on your desktop, search for any location using the search bar in the top left corner, and click Look for or press Get into. If there are multiple instances of the same name, click the specific location you want.

Screenshot of a satellite view of Big Ben on Google Maps

The left side panel will display all the information related to that location, including an overview and reviews. Scroll down until you see the Photos section and choose from options, including All, Latesteither street viewto explore the location.

When the side panel displays all the images taken at that location, click the image you want to save. Note that when you right-click on the image, no context menu appears.

A screenshot of the Big Ben image with the hover over Report a problem in the ellipsis menu

On the right hand side you will see a small black box in the top right showing the name of the image and the user and the month it was taken. Also in the box is an ellipsis menu (three vertical dots). Click on the menu and then Report a problem from the drop down menu.

A screenshot of the Google Maps report page with the cursor over Save Image As from the context menu

A new tab will open with a report form. But instead of reporting the image, we will save it. Right click on the image, click Save Image As…and choose the save destination. The image will be saved in its original resolution.

2. Item inspection

When the left side panel is displayed, right click on the image or anywhere in the side panel, click To inspect from the drop down menu, or press Ctrl + Shift + C to open Google Chrome Developer Tools.

A screenshot of the cursor over Inspect from the context menu in Google Maps

A similar approach to saving an image when right click is disabled. On the dashboard, click Application from the Tools tab at the top. If it does not appear, click the double arrows (>>) and select it from the dropdown menu.

A screenshot of the cursor on Save Image As on an image in the Google Chrome Developer Tools

Scroll down to the frames section and click on the subsection Images, where all the images used on that web page are saved. There is a possibility of finding an image with different dimensions. In other words, one image in various sizes.

Once you have found the image, right click and click Save Image As…and choose the save destination. If that option doesn’t work, click Open the image in a new tabwhich will open the image in a new tab, allowing you to right click and save.

Are there restrictions on saving Google Maps images?

While it is legal to save an image online, you should be careful how you use it. You will notice on the report page that “Images may be subject to copyright.” The image can be used for non-commercial purposes, such as a lock screen wallpaper or screen saver.

However, if you plan to use the image for commercial use, you will need the permission of the owner. Otherwise, you are facing violation of copyright laws. Satellite images and Street View images available on Google Maps are protected by copyright.

The map and images are free to use, but you must comply with the Terms of Service. If you plan to share the image publicly, you must indicate that the image is not yours with an attribution.

Save images from Google Maps easily

With the ability to save images from Google Maps, you can use the world as your canvas, as long as you don’t use the image in a way that might cause you problems.

You may notice the different colors when using Google Maps and wonder what they mean. There is a good explanation for the colors and what they mean.