How to save using Excel to keep your accounts and not go overboard

Few things are more appreciated than confidently using one of the most complete and complex programs in the computer world. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Microsoft Excel, a tool that has been with us for more than two decades.

On the way to showing you all the tricks that are hidden behind this program, since you know that we have been bringing guides and tutorials about it for weeks, today we are going to focus on a way to have expenses under control.

These expenses can be for the house, a trip you are going to take with friends, or simply for the car and the repairs you make to it throughout the year. The templates are personalized and each one is valid for a different purpose.

Excel template for cost control, generic

This model is aimed at having an exhaustive record of your expenses month by month by categories and subcategories. Thus, each month you will know the total, maximum and minimum expenditure.

With this template, expenses are recorded month by month by category and associated subcategory. Each month shows the total expense, the maximum and minimum expense. It has a report sheet where the values ​​of each category and subcategory per month will be. Here you can download it, it’s free.

Excel template to meet goals, to save

If what you want is to save, and for this you have to set monthly goals, this Excel template to meet savings goals is perfect for you.

It gives you visibility so you can save each month, know how close you are to your goals and also alerts you when you are below or above. It also allows compensation from one month to another. Here you can download it, it’s free.

Template to know what comes in and what comes out of our budget

This Excel template allows you to manage expenses and income in a certain period of time (we establish it) and establish a comparison between your forecast and reality.

With it you will be able to detail all the outflows and inflows of money, calculate the deviation between plan and result and apply it by weeks, months or years. Perfect to return from vacations, when we want to compensate for the losses of the trips and save for the next one. Here you can download it, it’s free.

Template to give gifts and not go broke

The most wonderful time of the year is coming, as the song says. But Christmas is also one of the most expensive times of the year, when families reach into their pockets to buy gifts for all their cousins ​​and children.

But it does not have to be like that. This spreadsheet allows you to set up a total budget, assign it to each person, and use it as a guide for your gift-buying strategy. Here you can download it, it’s free.

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