How to unlock and upgrade Acid Lab in Grand Theft Auto Online

The acid lab is Grand Theft Auto Online latest business addition, and it can be a very easy way to make a lot of money. However, unlocking this new business is very different to any of the other Motorcycle Club ventures.

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To get this business, you must first become a part of the Fooliganz and work through all The First Dose missions with Dax in the Freakshop, before unlocking Acid Lab at the trade price. In this guide, we explain step by step how you can unlock Acid Lab and start production to maximize profit for your business.

Complete the first dose missions

The image shows a Grand Theft Auto Online player delivering a 6x6 Brickade truck on the main road, surrounded by enemies.  The text in the bottom center reads

To start your journey towards unlocking the Acid Lab, you need to get stuck in The missions of the first dose – a key part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. There is six missions to completeeach of which gets more difficult as you progress.


To trigger the start of this mini-campaign, you must go to Ron Jakowski in Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores (indicated with a yellow ‘R’ on the map) and activate the first mission: Welcome to the Company. Upon completing this first mission and Driving Dax to the Freakshopwill be given the option to work with the other five First Dose missions.

The image shows the Grand Theft Auto Online map with the yellow 'R' in Sandy Shores, indicating Ron's location.

To proceed to the next mission, you must wait for a call from Dax. After answering this call, the yellow marker will reappear for you to continue.

When you have reached the sixth mission, off the railsthe difficulty will increase significantly, but you will be presented with the 6×6 brick vehicle to activate the initial configuration for the Acid Lab.

In the last obstacle of this mission, you will have to steal the brickade 6×6 from the accident site and take it back to Freakshop. Once this truck has been delivered, it will be appear inside freakshop warehouse for you to see in free mode.

steal lab equipment

The image shows a Grand Theft Auto Online player standing outside a warehouse next to a circular yellow marker on the ground.  The text in the upper left reads 'Press E to begin setting up the acid lab equipment'.

Now that you’ve unlocked Brickade 6×6 by completing all of The First Dose’s missions, you’ll now need to go and steal some equipment to unlock the acid lab.

If you walk up to the truck in the Freakshop, a popup will appear asking you to find a store near you to take the equipment and unlock the Acid Lab to buy it. Here, you will have to open your map and find the three yellow squares with a smiley face on them – these are the warehouse locations from which you can steal.

These places are randombut they will all sit in the East and South of Los Santos. Check one of the three locations as a waypoint, and go there to start Acid Lab setup mission.

The image shows the Grand Theft Auto Online map with three yellow squares with smiley faces in the center.  These are highlighted with an orange circle.

When you arrive at the warehouse, you will be asked to interact with a yellow circle outside the building to activate the raid. Inside the warehouse there will be between four and six enemies initially that you will need to take out before attempting to steal the equipment.

A few enemies will spawn throughout the raid, so keep an eye on your minimap for red dots.

Now that the warehouse is clear, find the yellow forklift which is parked in front of a pallet of equipment to steal. He paddles are indicated by a bouncing green arrow, so they are quite easy to find in the warehouse. You need to get on the forklift and pick up the palette that is in front of youbefore driving towards the empty flatbed truck which is always right in front of the door through which you entered.

There’s a small metal ramp in front of the platform, so you need to get a bit of speed to lift it when carrying equipment.

The image shows a Grand Theft Auto Online player standing in a warehouse next to a yellow forklift and equipment platform.  The palette has a green arrow pointing down at the top.

When you get to the truck, lower the pallet onto the platformand the computer will move to one of three places to show that it has loaded successfully. You must pick up and move a total of three palettes in the truck to complete the raid.

once you have loaded the three palletsyou will be asked to get in the truck to leave the warehouse. Here, you have to drive the truck. go back to the monster shop to complete the mission, but you will be followed by some enemiesso remove them if they become a problem.

The image shows a Grand Theft Auto Online player in a truck with a bed covered in a blue sheet on the main road.  The text in the bottom center reads

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Talk to Mutt to complete the setup

The image shows a Grand Theft Auto Online player standing next to Mutt in the Freakshop in the workbench area.  The text at the top left reads

Now that the equipment has been delivered to Freakshop, you can go and talk to mutt on the workbench (indicated with a hammer and screwdriver) to activate the Acid Lab purchase. this will cost $750,000which is the trade price of the vehicle, so having completed all the First Dose missions is worth it.

By purchasing the truck, Mutt will equip the lab area in the back with the equipment he stole earlier, and will be able to start production almost instantly.

Similar to other service vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online, you can call the acid lab to be delivered to your location via the Services section of the interaction menu.

How to upgrade the acid lab

The image shows the Acid Lab truck in the Freakshop in Grand Theft Auto Online, with the Equipment Upgrade option box on the left side.

Once your Acid Lab is up and running, it’s worth getting the equipment upgrade to maximize production and profits. To unlock this update, you must Complete ten of Dax’s Fooligan missions.

There are five missions available to request from Dax:

  • dust crop
  • Write off
  • Liquid assets
  • working remotely
  • Heavy metal

Can apply for a job calling Daxand you will be randomly assigned one of five missions, of which you must complete ten in total to unlock the upgrade.

There’s a 48 minute cool down between each Fooligan mission, so it will be a long process to get the update.

When you have completed ten of the quests in total, you can go to mutt on the workbench and buy equipment upgrade for $250,000.

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