Hydra Secretly Infiltrates X-Men’s Hellfire Gala In Two New Titles

Marvel released a new trailer for two new X Men Titles — X-Men: Hellfire Gala Confessionals #1 and Unlimited X-Men #50 – While taunting Hydra, he may have secretly invaded the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala 2022.

The new trailer promises that each title, which is now available to read on Marvel Unlimited, will tell the side of Hellfire Gala fans who “didn’t see.” Included in the video are clips showing Hydra agents crashing into the Hellfire Gala before they apparently run into mutant resistance.

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X-Men: Hellfire Gala Confessionals Issue #1 is a one-shot by writer Steve Foxe, penciller/cover artist Alan Robinson, colorist Carlos Lopez, letterer Joe Sabino, and editor Jordan White. The synopsis reads: “A Hellfire Gala Special! Not everyone may be a winner of this year’s X-Men vote, but these mutant runners-up still have a lot to say! X-Men candidates Avalanche, Gorgon, Gentle , Micromax, Surge , Bling!, Siryn, Penance, Armor and Firestar react in real time to the election results that determine the ultimate team of X-Men.Who will claim the coveted position?

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Unlimited X-Men Issue #50 marks the beginning of a new six-part “Secret X-Men” story arc, which will continue to unfold in subsequent issues. Also coming from Foxe, Robinson, Lopez and Sabino, the issue’s synopsis reads: “Uniting the ‘losers’ of this year’s #XMenElection, this round of Secret X-Men kicks off minutes after the election with the Hellfire Gala in fully operational!”

An X-Men event to remember

The X-Men held their second annual Hellfire Gala at the X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2022) #1 one-shot by Gerry Duggan, Kris Anka, CF Villa, Matteo Lolli, Russell Dauterman. The night got off to a somewhat strange start as, shortly before the event began, the world learned of the X-Men’s ability to resurrect deceased mutants. Several attendees went to the Hellfire Gala for the sole purpose of learning more, such as Clea, who pleaded with Emma Frost to raise her husband, Doctor Strange, from the dead.

Hyrda weren’t the only ones to crash the event party either. Moira MacTaggert also snuck in disguised as Mary Jane, whom she kidnapped. Wolverine and Spider-Man notice this and then go on a search for her to save her, which will continue on September 14. The amazing Spider Man #9. Lastly, the X-Men unveiled a new team roster, including Cyclops, Jean Grey, Synch, Iceman, Havoc, Magik, Forge, and Firestar, who easily won the popular vote, according to Scarlet Witch.

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