‘I’m going to kick your ass’: Man from Puno accused of alleged domestic violence

A grand jury indicted a 19-year-old Puna man with a violent domestic incident last week that allegedly included a kidnapping, beating and an inadvertent car ride from Hilo to Puna for the victim.

The indictment charges Adam Almaraz with kidnapping, second degree assault, first degree terroristic threat, domestic abuse and driving without a license.

A court order issued with the indictment orders Almaraz, who is in custody at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center, to be held, at least initially, without bail.

The prosecution transfers the case from the Hilo District Court to the Hilo Circuit Court.

The kidnapping charge, a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison, replaces an initial charge of unlawful imprisonment, a Class C felony that carries a maximum of five years behind bars.

According to court documents filed by police, Almaraz’s 19-year-old girlfriend told officers that she confronted him around midnight May 18 at Ainaola Park in Hilo about an alleged affair. When the victim refused Alvarez’s order to get into her car, he grabbed her by the neck and forced her into the passenger seat, according to the documents.

When the young woman tried to get out of the car, Almaraz allegedly grabbed her hair and forced her back into the vehicle. Almaraz then struck her multiple times on the top of her head and twice on her right ribcage, causing her pain, according to her documents.

The victim’s sister, who was also present at the park, reportedly called police when she saw Almaraz grab the victim by the hair, saying, “If you don’t stay in the car, I’ll hit your butt.” ”.

Almaraz allegedly then drove to his Pahoa residence while saying things like, “Why would you let your sister call the police on me? I hate you; I’m going to kill you!” and “You don’t give a fuck, why should I give a fuck about your life?”

Officers arrived at Almaraz’s home around 12:50 a.m. and made contact with him. Police described Almaraz as “highly intoxicated…displaying red, watery, glassy eyes” with “a strong command of an intoxicating drink emanating from his breath and body.”

The victim’s sister reportedly told police that she saw Almaraz drinking Corona beers in the park before driving his car.

Almaraz allegedly refused to submit to a field sobriety test and was originally charged in District Court for DUI. That charge was not part of the indictment.

The victim reportedly refused to receive medical treatment for his injuries.

According to the documents, a protection order obtained by the victim was served on February 28 to Almaraz and is in effect until January 12, 2026.

Almaraz has no felony convictions as an adult, but has a domestic battery case still active since January in Hilo Circuit Court.

The charges in that case include second-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of aggravated domestic abuse by strangulation, all Class C felonies, plus one misdemeanor domestic abuse.

The victim is the same 19-year-old woman.

Almaraz was out on bail in that case when the incident occurred, court records show.

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