Indie Games Spotlight: A New Adventure

Indie Games Spotlight is Goomba Stomp’s biweekly column where we highlight some of the most exciting new and upcoming indie games. As we near the end of summer, some of the year’s most promising indies are still just around the corner. In this week’s spotlight, we take a look at everything from big ocean adventures to the Pikmin stand-in you’ve been waiting years for. Let’s go!

Tale of Waves;  Featured Indie Games

create your own tale of waves

Though short-lived, Google Stadia used to be similar to Xbox Game Pass in that Google covered game development costs in exchange for temporary exclusivity. Weather The quarry Y high in life are the most prominent examples tale of waves it was a lesser-known but ambitious title that finally has a chance to reach the audience it deserves.

tale of waves is a story-driven action adventure about exploring the open seas, running on the waves. The sheer joy of movement that comes from switching between swimming and gliding on water is wonderful, and that extends to the game on land where players must alternate between traversing colorful islands and matching evil spirits. The art direction is whimsical and painterly, and a number of unlockable customization options should have you sailing the open seas in style. A new story will unfold when tale of waves It’s coming to all platforms (it’s not called Stadia) later this year.

Onsen Master

Become the Onsen Master

Have you ever dreamed of having your own hot springs? Well, you’re in luck! Onsen Master is a management game in which players are tasked with revitalizing a series of hot springs in a fantasy land. Just like in real life onsens, clients will come with specific ailments and it is your job to create the soothing remedies they need. The turn? All customers are yokai, and it’s up to you to reconnect them with the supernatural world they’ve strayed from.

Onsen Master is shaping up to be a simple yet cute package that balances anime-inspired storytelling with arcade management gameplay. Levels seem hectic as players run back and forth between bathrooms trying to juggle the yokai’s needs, and the visual novel-like story scenes are endearing (if not a little crude). ). Whether in competitive multiplayer or single player story, you’ll be able to run hot springs with the best of them when Onsen Master comes to PC on September 1.

tiny;  Featured Indie Games

Harness the power of tinykin

Tired of waiting for the new Pikmin game that Miyamoto confirmed in 2015? tinykin it could be the next best thing, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Step into Milo’s shoes when he lands on Earth and you discover that he is tiny and that the entire population has disappeared. Fortunately, there are a host of mysterious creatures known as tinykin that can be harnessed to traverse the landscape and fend off insects.

While the inspiration behind tinykin it’s obvious, the sheer craftsmanship put into it is amazing. The contrast between the vibrant 2D character models and 3D environments is brilliant, especially when players have over 100 diminutives following them at once. In terms of gameplay, the same “throw as many creatures as needed and they’ll move/attack things” cycle applies here, but tinykin gets creative with different applications like being able to stack tiny to reach high places and connecting electrical tiny to divert power. Fortunately, it won’t be long before you can lead a small army once more; tinykin launches on all platforms and Game Pass on August 30.

LEGO brick stories

do your thing LEGO brick stories

When Apple Arcade debuted The Lego Builder’s Journey at the end of 2019, it was a technical marvel that showed how far smartphones and tablets had come to that point. LEGO brick tales is the first non-IP related LEGO game since then, and this one is being run by Clockstone, the bridge builder equipment. The concept? LEGO brick tales is a build-first adventure that involves solving puzzles. You are given a set of bricks and you have to find a unique construction to solve the problem.

not only does brick tales It sounds like a perfect match for Clockstone’s skill set, but it also promises to be environmentally diverse with biomes from all over the world. These worlds will not only have countless collectibles to find (in typical LEGO fashion), but also a plethora of pieces for character customization. Between physics-based puzzles and areas for pure creativity to shine, brick tales it could be a LEGO fan’s dream game when it launches on all platforms in the fourth quarter of this year.

Dead pets unleashed;  tale of waves

jam in Dead pets unleashed

There’s something innately inspiring about the story of an indie band struggling to beat the odds and ultimately achieve success. Such is the premise of Dead pets unleashedone of the most promising recent Kickstarter campaigns from the talented team behind welcome to elks. Dead Pets are a struggling rock band still looking for a big hit after almost 10 years. As Gordy, players will try to keep the gang together, keep practicing, and earn enough money to survive. Success is possible, but how players manage their time will determine if Dead Pets gets the ending they crave.

Part of the useful life, part management simulation, Dead pets unleashed It appears to be an ambitious step for developer Triple Topping. Not only will player choices persist throughout the game, but Triple Topping promises a variety of mini-games that simulate working in a restaurant, playing a concert, and more. All of this adds up to the creation of a punk rock EP around the game, apparently similar to the one released recently. We are OFK. If you’re interested in helping this see the light of day sometime in 2024, check out Kickstarter here.

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