List of free games from Epic Games Store [Updated Regularly]

Everyone loves free games, and the Epic Games Store knows it all too well. While the intention behind offering free games every week might be, well, new players coming to the Epic Games Store. But, at the end of the day, it means free games for gamers like us. And when it comes to quality, the game offerings are excellent for the most part. Unfortunately, keeping track of free games on a weekly basis can get a bit tedious, but this article aims to help with that. We are compiling a list of free games on the Epic Games Store and will update this article every week to help you get the latest free offers.

This article will be updated regularly as new weekly free games are revealed on the Epic Games Store. Before continuing, remember that you requires an Epic Games Store account to redeem the games. You no need to add a credit card to claim the free game offers.

Epic Games Store: What game is free now?

For this week’s free game, players can redeem the famous co-op shooter payday 2 at the epic games store. Published by Starbreeze Studios, Payday 2 is a chaotic four-player cooperative first-person shooter where a ragtag team of robbers pull off daring heists. Some of these range from doing simple banking jobs to interesting missions like stealing a sports car or a world destroying virus.

Successfully completing the mission rewards players with perk cards, which you can use to further enhance your player’s performance on the field. Some perk cards make you adept at shooting, while others make you tough. Additionally, there are several skin customizations and various DLCs to choose from, ranging from unique characters to quests. Ever wanted to pull off heists like John Wick? Well this game lets you.

It’s a great game to team up with your friends and spend the weekend playing. Also, with the developers confirming that a sequel is in the works, why not give the most popular co-op FPS out there a try? You can claim this game for free starting today, Thursday, June 8, 2023above until June 15, 2023 at the epic games store.

Claim Payday 2 for free here

Upcoming free game on the Epic Games Store

While next week’s free titles are usually a mystery, Epic Games has revealed the same for next week. The play market has revealed that Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition and Guacamelee 2 will be the next free titles. You will be able to redeem these two games for free starting Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 8:00 am (Pacific Time).

Guacamelee is a 2D Side Scrolling Metroidvania, where players don the mask of Juan Aguacate, who sets out on a journey to rescue the president’s daughter. The game features an art style inspired by traditional Mexican folklore, a satisfying combat system, and Metroidvania-inspired level design. Guacamelee 2 continues the story of the original game, further improving various aspects of the game and adding new enemies, fighting styles, and more.

List of free games offered on the Epic Store (2023)

In addition to bringing you the latest free games on the Epic Store, we also maintain a catalog of all the free games the publisher offers each year. Payday 2 is the 38th game offered for free by the developer of Fortnite in 2023, joining the ranks of the following titles:

Game Offer Duration
midnight ghost hunt June 1 – June 7
Fallout: New Vegas – Definitive Edition May 25 – June 1
death stranding May 18 – May 25
The Sims 4 Daring Lifestyle Bundle May 11 – May 18
Horizon Chase Turbo, Kao the kangaroo, Against the odds May 4 – May 11
Breathing, poker club April 27 – May 4
Beyond the blue, never alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) April 20 – April 27
Mordhau, second extinction April 13 – April 20
Enhanced Edition of Dying Light, Shapez April 6 – April 13
The age of silence, Tunche March 30 – April 6
Chess Ultra, World of Warships — Starter Pack: Ishizuchi March 23 – March 30
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – War Relics March 16 – March 23
call of the sea March 9 – March 16
industry boom March 2 – March 9
sleepers February 23 – March 2
warps February 16 – February 23
recipe for disaster February 9 – February 16
Gangster City, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider February 2 – February 9
Goodbye, Hell is Others January 26 – February 2
Epistory – Writing Chronicles January 19 – January 26
First Class Issue, Gamedec – Definitive Edition, Divine Knockout January 12 – January 19
Kerbal Space Program, Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice January 5 – January 12