LOOK NO AT THE DEVIL (2022) Paranormal Possession Horror – Trailer & Release News

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‘Inspired by a real forbidden ritual’
don’t look at the devil is a 2022 horror film about a team of paranormal investigators investigating the disturbance in a house with a dark past.

Directed and co-produced by Brando Lee (gangster wars; food kit) from a screenplay written by Alfie Palermo based on a story by Brando Lee. Also produced by Thomas E. Nicholson and Danny Saphire.

The Malaysian Barnstorm Entertainment-Brando Studios co-production stars Harris Dickinson (Where the Locusts Sing, Triangle of Sorrow, The King’s Man), Fiona Dourif (Beginning; cult of chucky; gazebo demon; fear clinic; Chucky curse), Malin Crépin, Randy Wayne, Jordan Belfi, William Miller, Ashlyn Boots, Jessie Franks, Thao Nhu Phan, and Konglar Kanchanahoti.


Plot Synopsis:
Led by a troubled medium, Jules, a team of American television paranormal investigators goes to the home of a couple who claim to have experienced unexplained and threatening disturbances. Delving deeper into the mystery, they encounter possessions and apparitions more terrifying than any they have ever witnessed before: actual contact with the other side.


As the cameras roll and the bodies are possessed, they are inevitably overwhelmed by this violent supernatural force. His only hope? July. She refuses to face what really happened when her first supernatural encounter left her sister dead. But her dark past, if she can unlock it, could be her only hope of stopping the demon before it’s too late…

In the United States and Canada, don’t look at the devil It will be released by Outsider Pictures on October 7, 2022.

Director and co-producer Brando Lee told Bloody Disgusting: “There is a yin and a yang in all my activities. I think the world should have good guys and bad guys, both angels and evil beings. In essence, it is about maintaining the balance of the universe. Intrigued by the experiences I’ve been through, I began to explore the “them” around us. I am delighted to be able to bring my personal vision to the cinema screen, with my first-hand experience showing a realistic twist to a typical possession story. ”

Original title:
the medium


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