Minecraft Legends ‘slows down the pace’ of typical strategy games, says Mojang

When it decided to turn Minecraft into a strategy game, Mojang had a couple of specific goals, as creative director Magnus Nedfors explained. during an interview at the Xbox booth at Gamescom this week. minecraft legends it had to retain a somewhat indescribable “Minecraft feel” and also work well with a controller for console gamers. Mojang and development partner Blackbird Interactive managed both, Nedfors explained, turning it into a action strategy game: a mix of genres that really doesn’t have many successful examples to draw from.

“Another aspect of Minecraft is that we always have a hero character,” Nedfors said. Mojang and Blackbird ended up with a game that was partly hero-centric and partly army control. It became an action-strategy game where you traverse the battlefield on horseback, commanding armies from the ground, not a typical RTS played from high above the battlefields. “That’s not common in strategy games,” he notes.

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