MultiVersus: How to Get Pickaxe Chimes | Check out your step guide

There are a myriad of techniques you’ll want to master to get the most out of MultiVersus and one of the trickiest is the spike.

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Multi Versus is one of the most popular free-to-play titles to emerge in 2022. The 4-player fighting game features strict mechanics, smart gameplay, and a large number of popular characters from game of Thrones, Adventure time, Scooby Dooand the DCEU. However, some of the techniques in the game can be a bit tricky to master, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to using picks in the game.

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If you are a trophy or achievement hunter, you will need to master the pickaxe maneuver to get 100% on Multi Versus. There are three trophies tied to the spike, and unlike many of the other achievements, you probably won’t get them just by playing. Plus, spikes are a useful skill to learn anyway, as they’re a handy way to dispatch your opponents even when they’re well below the standard threshold for elimination.

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Using a pickaxe is pretty easy – you just need to press the standard attack button while holding down the left analog stick. However, the tricky part is that using this move and scoring a ring-out alone isn’t enough to count towards trophies or achievements. If you want your spikes to stack properly, you need to use them to chirp a character from the bottom of the screen.

In short, you’ll want to try and take down an opponent in Multi Versus with your skewer and remove them that way. While this can be a bit tricky, especially if your opponent figures out what you’re trying to do, you can make it easier to rack up your pickaxe kills by playing against bots. The great thing about playing against bots in this game is that your stats against them still count towards your trophies or achievements, meaning these much more predictable opponents will help you get that platinum trophy or 100% gamerscore much more. Quick.

Basically, if your character is punching, kicking, or pushing down, then you’re already doing it right. The challenge is to make sure the move triggers the sound and that your opponent is eliminated by being eliminated at the bottom of the screen. Follow these tips and you’ll be catching easy, low-damage ring-outs in no time.

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