Netflix’s 2021 Maid Series Is Soaring Up The Charts, And TikTok Is The Reason Why

Netflix produces so much material on a weekly basis that sometimes it can seem almost impossible to keep up with the endless new releases, let alone watch all the good stuff with the finite amount of free time you have. One result is that many great movies and shows, such as limited series, Maid, starring Margaret Qualley, which debuted to a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score in 2021, comes and goes from the streamer pretty quickly. Today’s hits are tomorrow’s memories, and sometimes they disappear so completely they barely qualify as memories.

episode 10 Maidinspired by Stephanie Land’s New York Times best selling memoir Servant: hard work, low pay and a mother’s will to survive, it definitely seemed to fare better than many of those titles when it first debuted. He was well regarded and received a decent amount of attention. The series follows the story of “Alex”, played by Qualley. She is “a single mother who resorts to cleaning the house to barely make ends meet while escaping an abusive relationship and overcoming homelessness to create a better life for her daughter, Maddy,” the synopsis explains. Netflix official. This series, she continues, “is a raw and inspiring exploration of a mother’s resilience.” The source material is powerful enough that President Obama in 2019 even included it on the summer reading list he puts out every year.

Maid on Netflix
Margaret Qualley stars as Alex in the Netflix limited series “Maid.” Image source: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Maid it features the kind of powerful, gut-wrenching storytelling that brings viewers to tears, which is to say, it’s not the kind of release you’d necessarily expect to enjoy a second life or subsequent surge in popularity on the streamer. However, that is exactly what is happening right now for the series, which is soaring up the US and global charts nearly two years after its initial release. And all thanks to TikTok.

paperclips Maid they’ve gone viral on TikTok for days now, with some pretty big accounts sharing them and racking up millions of views, ensuring that TikTok’s algorithm works its magic and keeps showing them off to more and more TikTok users.

And here is the most interesting part of of the maid resurgence on TikTok: hasn’t, well, remained only on TikTok. The #9 series on Netflix in the US, as I write these words? Is Maid — again, almost two years after the fact (just behind sunset salewhich has a new batch of episodes just coming out).

Every Tuesday, Netflix also updates its list of the world’s biggest shows and movies and, yes, Maid it has also returned to the global TV Top 10 list, too. Even Netflix itself acknowledged the show’s remarkable return to the global chart, crediting TikTok for the revival of interest:

It was Netflix’s July 2020 quarterly shareholder letter that mentioned TikTok as a competitive threat for the first time, given the user attention the social media app had begun to attract, at the expense of that same attention. of users turned to Netflix. That letter also shared a perhaps grudging admiration for the app, acknowledging that “TikTok’s growth is staggering and shows the fluidity of internet entertainment.”

What a strange and curious rival TikTok has become for an entertainment titan like Netflix, profiting from and competing with the app that continues to reshape entertainment in profound and lasting ways.