Rollerdrome should introduce more game modes

Roll7’s Skating is a unique concept that combines roller skating and third person shooting, which is as wild and fun as it sounds. When you think of sports that make a nice transition to video games, roller skating isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Apart from a couple of jet set radio games in the early 2000s and recent ones from Ubisoft roller champions, is a sport that has not received much attention from video game developers. Shooter games, on the other hand, are probably the most common type on the market, so Skating it’s smart to mix the two.


The game is played as a mixture of Tony Hawk Pro Skater Y max payne. Set in a dystopian future where the sport of “Rollerdrome” is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, Kara Hassan is tasked with winning the tournament by racking up high scores and combining tricks with lethal kills. Kara uses various weapons to wreak havoc on her opponents, and she can also slow down time to really focus on her opponents. In Skating, simply killing is not enough, it must also look good. However, you could use some additional ways to play on top of that.

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Rollerdrome needs more game modes

The game is divided into various rounds of tournaments, from preliminaries to quarters and semi-finals before the final. Each stage has several different goals that the player must strive to achieve in addition to surviving and eliminating opponents. This forces players to really think about what they’re going to do, instead of just mindlessly trying to eliminate everyone. It is a concept that has much in common with Tony Hawk Pro Skater, which used the same objective progression route. With a concept as unique as this, there should definitely be more modes and different ways to play.

The most notable absence is the lack of any sort of multiplayer component. In a landscape increasingly dominated by battle royale-style games like Fortnite Y multiverse, this absence seems like an oversight, especially when the game seems tailor-made for multiplayer. Hopefully this will be fixed later with future updates or some DLC, though a lot of that depends on whether Skating transitions to a live service model.

Another concern is that SkatingThe stages are small and don’t offer much variety other than cosmetic changes. The cel-shaded visuals that Roll7 uses are striking and complement the mechanics well, but the game would benefit from larger stages that would offer the player a bit more freedom. The addition of more game modes with larger play areas seems like a logical step for the game. In theory, players could be given “mission” stages where they have to eliminate certain targets, or linear stages that move forward like an on-rails shooter with a start and end point.

Thanks to SkatingThe unusual concept of, there are a lot of game modes that its developer could add that would really bolster what the game has to offer. Roll7 has created something unique, and that is no easy task in an industry where many concepts have already been done ad nauseam. With some tweaks and additions that add options on how to play, Skating could find the main success.

Skating It is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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