Saints Row (2022): How To Get The Golden Garbage Truck | All 4 Container Dive Locations

Dumpster diving for gold.

If you don’t have a golden garbage truck in saints row (2022) You are missing out. One of the dumbest unlockables in a very dumb game requires you to locate four specific dumpster locations. These dumpsters, when searched, give you Hidden Gold Parts. Find all four parts and they will combine into one of the most striking vehicles in the game. Sure, you can paint any of your cars solid gold, but nothing compares to the sanicruiser. Here’s how to unlock (what could be) the dumbest unlockable in the game. Even dumber than turning your assault rifle into an umbrella.

row of saints is a series about weird vehicles: only in this game, you can find rocket cars, drive killer go-karts with circular saws, propel yourself infinitely in a golf cart or smash everything with a skull-shaped monster truck. See how to find all those vehicles with our Lost Wheels locations guide.

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Golden Garbage Truck Parts Locations | sanicruiser guide

to unlock the golden garbage truck permanently in your garage, you’ll have to dive into 4 Specific Dumpster Diving locations. Dumpster Diving is a weird collectible activity where your character jumps into a glowing dumpster. You can find money or you can find unique pieces of clothing customization. Or you can get a unique golden dump truck.

This is where to find all parts of the golden garbage truck. There are four locations. Check the images below for more details.

  • Dumpster Dive #1: Old Town East – In the alley east of the town square.
  • Dumpster Diving #2: Marina West – South of the big bear statue fast travel landmark, in the back alley.
  • Dumpster Diving #3: Badlands North – At the Dumpster Diving location in the far southeast near Badlands South.
  • Dumpster Diving #4: Lake Sabastian – On the abandoned island in the center of the lake. Land on the island and search the northern Dumpster Diving. You will need a helicopter to get to this one.

A find a helicopter in an easy location, travel to the southeast corner of the marshal prison in Badlands North. Outside the castle, there is a helicopter landing pad where you can easily steal one without setting off a high-profile alarm.

find all four Dumpster Diving locations and the sanicruiser will appear in your garage. To fully upgrade and grant you the exclusive Super Air Control ability, you will need to achieve a double backflip You can do this by upgrading and giving the vehicle more speed and a nitro boost. Then travel to the holy unharmed sign and perform a jump. Wait – if you get enough air, you can perform the double backflip.

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