Saints Row (2022): How To Unlock Monster Truck Gargantua | Unstoppable Vehicle Guide

There is nothing more satisfying than smoothing everything in your path in saints row (2022). At the beginning of the game, you will meet the violent gang of Los Panteros. It’s all about driving the biggest and baddest cars, and one of its signature vehicles is the rare Gargantua Monster Truck. There are two ways to find this thing, and both require sticking your neck out. You can complete missions for JR’s Garage or you can draw enough heat from the Los Panteros gang. We’ll explain both methods in the full guide below, but both can be accomplished even in the earliest section of the game.

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Where to find a monster truck | Easy Gargantua Locations

Monster Trucks are some of the best vehicles in row of saints — they’re tough, they’re fast, they can easily go off the road and run over literally anything. If you don’t mind causing constant chaos in the streets of Santo Ileso, then you’ll want to treat yourself to a giant monster truck. There are two easy ways to unlock monster trucks: You can collect unique vehicle parts from lost wheels discoveries, or you can just take a monster truck in the open world.

  • Prerequisite: Before you can find a Monster Truck, you must unlock JR Garage. This is done in the main story and cannot be missed. You will unlock him very soon: once you have unlocked JR, you need to collect vehicles for him.
    • To easily locate the vehicles you want, select JR’s garage on the map. You can instantly place a gps marker where the vehicle is.
    • Keep doing this until it asks you to pick up the Gargantua monster truck. That is Step 5/11 at the completion of the JimRob’s Garage business.

After he calls for the Monster Truck, the vehicle will respawn in the same spot you grabbed it from before – go back to that spot and steal it again. Take it to your garage to permanently unlock it.

  • Where to find a monster truck: A monster truck is in a The Panthers base in the southeast corner of South Rojas Desert.
    • Alternatively, reach notoriety 3 with The Panthers and monster trucks will spawn randomly at roadblock locations.

Get yourself the monster truck, and you can customize it to remove all the Los Panteros tags: put on the Los Santos logo and color this sucker purple, and you’re riding high on extreme power. Monster trucks can be dangerous to drive around the city because they crush everything in their path. All vehicles are smashed, so you constantly attract the attention of the law. If you’re not worried about causing chaos wherever you go, then the monster truck is just a fun option.

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